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Sex of my kittens

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When will I be able to tell the sex of my new kittens? And what do I look for? I have been told that one looks like a question mark and the other looks like an exclamation mark. I want to name these three babies and don't know what to call them. Any ideas?

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I guessed the sex of my kittens right when they were one week old. The boys have a dot that are further away from the anus, and the girl have a dot that is closer to the anus. Also the girls dot normally looks more like alittle slit.
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Thank you Princesspur, I have two boys and one girl....now to come up with names.....hummm

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hee hee I would wait and let them grow and give them neutral names for now...
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Well, Im sure that whom ever gets one from me will name them what they want to anyways.

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I have mine kinda netural names. Nimbus, stormy, and blizzard. I would LOVE to see more pics of your kittens!! If i'm remember right your one kitten looks just like my little stormy.

here is a link to there two week old pictures
two weeks old
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Okay, if you insist
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They are soo cute! I love baby kittens. I have 2 10 week old kittens that Ive had for about 2 and a half weeks now and they are the sweetest. We are still thinking about names. It takes me so long to name them, I want to make sure I get it right, but usually I go with whatever hits me in the beginning. I liked Baxter and Binks for them but my daughter doesnt like it, so I'm still thinking. Your kittens are beautiful by the way!
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awwww you got colorful kittens!!! they are sooo cute!!!!!! Your one does look like my stormy
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I knew the sex of Mimis kittens the day they were born! I was right, 2 boys and 2 girls. I also knew the sex of my friends kittens, 1 boy and 5 girls! I am very good at that! You can't really tell by size, but if there is 2-4 kittens, the males are usually bigger. 3 of Mimis kittens were the same size until they were 8 weeks old. Zues is the biggest, his dad is HUGE!
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I named my little furr babies when they were coming out of Vagabond... in order... I was just lucky that the female names were female.

If you don't mind I would nominate one of them to be named Nomad.

Just a thought.

~ Salem
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almost all calicoes and toties are female...
ginger tabby's are usually male
male torties or calicoes are usually sterile
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