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Need some advice

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Hi all...

I could use some advice..

I have two sisters, Stoney and Bricker who are about 7 years old. They have always used the litter box, never an accident anywhere.

Well over the past week, I have noticed the rug in the bathroom (where their litterbox is kept) is wet. I wasnt sure at first if the kids spilled water or if the cats pee'd. It was wet but no odor, strangely enough. Well the kids are with their mom right now, the rug is soaked.

So I think that Bricker is peeing on the bathroom carpet (rubber backed shower carpet) The rug has been there a good year or so, and she had never done this before.

However since Snowy joined our household, Snowy has several times, come downstairs and used Stoney and Brickers litterbox. Do you think Bricker doesnt like that? She will poop in the litterbox, just not pee.

Any ideas?

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First off I would get a vet check to rule out URI. That would be the most important thing- then take a look at this link here:

Inappropriate peeing problems
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Ok will do .. Ill try and get her in tomorrow.

Do you know.. will cats avoid using a litterbox if a strange cat has used it? As I mentioned before, the three kitties are still getting used to one another. Seems to me they might avoid it.. yet you would think they would avoid it all together, not just for urination.
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Many cats refuse to use a litter box that someone else has used. The rule of thumb is to have a minimum of two litter boxes (one for pee, one for poop) and then to add one litter box for each additional cat in the house. So, in a house with three cats, it is best to have four boxes (three at a minimum).

Let us know what the vet finds.
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