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Hurt Claw

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Our lovely cat, Meowie, wasn't quite limping but I saw her favoring one of her front paws - I could see that one of her nails (claws) looked slightly injured and I was able to gently put some hydrogen peroxide on it with a Q-Tip before it obviously stung and she ran off. She has been hiding from me today but I can tell it looks better. She is eating normally s- she still has an appetite - I just wonder if I should take her to the vet? Money is very tight right now but of course I will do whatever is needed - she is a member of the family. She is indoor and outdoor - and getting up there in age - 14 years old. She hates her car cage and hates going to the vet - but I will do it if I have to. I was just wondering if anyone had any luck in treating hurt paws/hurt claws themselves?
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It really depends on how badly the claw is injured. If you have any suspicion that there is infection, the best course of action is to see your vet.

One of my girls split her claw and I caught it right after she did it and superglued it together and put a softclaw on it to hold it in place. I monitored it daily and it healed on its own.
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Do you trim your kitty's claws regularly? I've noticed some cats are terrible at hooking their claws in things and can break/split them badly when they struggle to get free.

As long as there's no infection your treatment is fine. If you can trim the claw back, and get the rest of them trimmed, that should help.

I have three semi-feral kittens who I just started trimming claws on. Being kittens, and one of them being very mischievous, claws were already getting caught in things. When this sort of thing happens it really upsets a cat, it terrified the poor kitten.
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Streak tore off a claw, hind foot, nast looking, fortunately the vet was to come out that day anyway and I had him take a look at it. He swabbed it down, gave him a shot of penicillin, and antibiotic cream to put on it. Told me to watch it as if it didnt improve, a phalange-ectomy would be the only way if the claw didnt regrow. It regrew, no one toe declawing and no infection either. But do stop with the peroxide - that burns good tissue as well; use saline or Ringers to clean. Might I suggest you get some mastitis infusion to apply as well....of course you may not be able to get it unless you live in the boonies. If there is no visible improvement or she gets lamer, get the cat to the vet
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My cat Niko injured one of her claws last summer. I wouldn't have noticed except that she tracked tiny spots of blood all over the floor. In her case there was no limping or anything, so I just kept an eye on her. It healed very well on its own.
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