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Smokey J: My ferral kitten success story!!

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Hi all! I adopted a feral barn kitten about a week and a half ago! The farmer down the road drowns all the barn kittens and I trapped this one and brought it home to raise as my own. At first she was a total terror- yowling, hissing, moaning, scratching and hiding, obviously terrified, poor thing! EVERYONE told me it would be impossible or simply too hard, and that I'd get my heart broken and my eyes scratched out just trying.

Well, as I write this, I have my sweet Kitten, Smokey Joe, curled up on my chest trying to bat my fingers as they type. It's only been 9 days and this is a huge success story. I have written it all up on my blog:

It includes a little video of her. I think this is a great story to read, and will help and inspire anyone in the same position! I'm very proud of Smokey J and would really love to share my story to encourage others with feral kittens not to give up, it is possible and so rewarding!

If anyone has any idea about how old she is after seeing the video, let me know! I think about 4 months?

-M and Smokey Joe
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Maybe as old as four months, but I'd guess more like 3. Hard to tell on ferals, though. You can get a good idea when she loses her baby canines, which happens about 6 months.
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Thank you! I will keep an eye out for that in a few months!
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Success!! That's what love does.
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I watched your video - if that's a monster - give me two, please! - well, I guess not - we already have seven we're caring for - and 3 are more feral than tame - it's slower going when they're still outside - I can't bring them in with our three - yet.
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Awwwwww!!!!! She is a sweetie pie!!! She wubs U!!
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Congrats on being able to tame him

I had two 7 week old feral months back that I was able to tame. It a great feeling knowing that you can tame something that is so wild, but yet is a companion
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She is adorable! Great Job!
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The farmer is, well, I can't say what I think he is. You are an to the little one.
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