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Aggressive Behavior

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Let me preface this by saying that I have owned cats my whole life (I'm 33) and feel like I have a pretty strong connection with the feline world.

I have two beautiful (spayed) girls who are about 11. They are indoor cats and even though they are litter mates, have two separate personalities and have simply learned to tolerate eachother. They are not my problem, however.

Late this summer, a kitten arrived at my deck one day. I do bad things by feeding the strays in the area; I know I'm a terrible person. However, upon finding this deck of safe haven, food and water, the kitten never left and started using the deck as his litter box; he wouldn't leave. Kitten was very VERY cute and won over both myself and my husband. I knew my girls wouldn't be pleased, but we made the decision to adopt him; he was only about 9 weeks old. He couldn't belong to anyone, he was emaciated and crawling with fleas to the point he was anemic.

Took him to the vet to get his shots, flea bath, medicine, etc. All healthy, and while the girls aren't loving him, they are tolerating him...until...

I took Artie (out new little boy) to be neutered two weeks ago. Ever since I've brought him home, he's very aggressive with one of the girls, and it almost appears her's trying to mount her! He's also taken to getting into EVERYTHING that isn't his. He's unresponsive to "butt taps," yelling, loud noises (sometimes this works), and while he stops what he's doing when squirted with a water bottle, he goes right back to it.

I'm most concerned about the aggressive behavior. Could this be caused by a jump in testosterone upon being neutered that will eventually wane into nothing and I'll have my sweet kitty back? Or is this something that should give me pause and make me considering finding him another home? I just don't feel like it's fair to my girls (especially the one constantly attacked).

Sorry so long, I just wanted to make sure the story was laid out in it's entirety. Thanks!!
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I'm sorry I have no helpful advice for you, but hoping someone will be along soon to help out.
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Have you talked to your vet? I've always seen it go the other way, the cat gets less agressive when nuetered.
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I spoke with the vet who said to give it time. I'm not certain that I have any other choice other than to give it time.

*Shrug* I'm poor Hannah cat is being as patient as she can be too!

We'll just have to wait it out and hope it gets better as his testosterone levels drop...

Patience is a virture - one which I do not possess!
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I don't always possess that virture in great abundance either. I hope it all settles down for you and your other cats soon.
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I read recently on the forum that some vets I believe in Austrailia give a dose of female hormones when neutering. It sounds logical to me especially when a male is not calming down. Might this be an option if things don't settle soon?
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My male Hercules actually didnt calm down when he got neutered either. He went from being a loner cat to getting major doses of the crazies in the morning at right before bedtime. Now while he has stopped (kind of) stalking and attacking Fatman he still does it but in a more playful manor rather than an attacking manor. He was neutered in the end of Sept and more and more since then his personality has changed into being a more friendly people oriented cat. I really dont have any advice persay but I just wait it out and then when you notice things getting rough step in and intervene by redirecting his attention to a toy or just picking him up and away from the other cat. Ive had to do this with Herc sometimes when he wont stop stalking Fatman
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I thought I was crazy with this kitten. I'll just sit back and wait and try to be there for my 11 year old. She caught him good across the nose teh other day and I applauded her for it!

He needs to learn, right?!

Thanks for your help and thoughts. I apprecaite it!
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Originally Posted by sweetpeach1976 View Post
She caught him good across the nose teh other day and I applauded her for it!

He needs to learn, right?!
Thats how my border collie learned that herding cats was not a good idea.
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