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Mice = gift?

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Hi, I got dead animals laying out side more and more often and is getting very annoying. Yesterday I got 4 mice(yes 4x) laying in the blue box that sit in the back yard - blue box is the recycle box we have in Canada, we put paper, cans and other stuff into it - one of them got rape into pcs.

I don't feed cats that is roaming round and my cats never go out. Is dead animal really mean gift? Do you think it is cat? The only other animal that is roaming around is reacoon but I would assume if reacoon catch a mouse they would eat it itself?

And anyway to stop that?
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My guess is they're getting in the box somehow and can't get out. Do they show signs of having been killed?
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Gift dead things are generally presented rather tidily on door steps, sidewalks, decks, and in my case, the tractor bucket. I suspect the same as mrblanche - they are getting into the box and dying on their own.
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This is the first time ever mice in the box so I would guess they don't climb in themself, plus I throw stuff in it a few times a day I should see movement if they climb in themself.

One of them was chest open, i would assume it was kill by something?
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Yeah, I would think so. Who knows? Leaving them in the box is odd.

How about this...your neighbor is catching them in his trap, then putting them in your box?
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the box is sitting right beside the door step and I usually find things dead within 3ft of door way.

I live in an old neighborhood with almost no kid, human tick is not likely. Plus I will throw them into the mailbox no blue box.
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