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Sleep Numer Bed, Do you like it?

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We have had a SNB for about 3 years. All the ads say how wonderful they are. My husband bought one because I would get up every day with a back ache. Well, I have tried and tried different numbers and have yet to wake up without a backache. I only get relief when I come down on the couch. Almost immediately, the pain is gone. Plus, it is not the warmest mattress. It is like sleeping on a piece of canvas. It is kind of stiff. Just thought I'd vent and see if anyone else had an opinion. However, our cat, Beeba loves it.
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We originally got our waterbed (1978) because of back pain I had due to a prank in college. I couldn't sleep on a regular mattress; I ended up sleeping on the sofa cushions on the floor, then on a foam mattress.

My personal opinion on the sleep number bed is that they are putting huge amounts into advertising what is essentially a two-chamber air mattress.

The last time our waterbed mattress wore out (and we've worn out three, I think in 30 years, we got a waveless version. With a heater, it's very comfortable and my back doesn't hurt. When I have to sleep in a motel or in the truck, I always wake up with some back pain.
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I have a SNB. I have my issues with it, sure. I do have my days where I wake up with pain. Most of the time, though, I don't have as much pain as I did with a standard mattress. Right now, I have it set way up there around 90, because I have a wedge pillow due to breathing issues. I may take it out right now until I'm off my crutches because I'm more comfy sleeping flat on my back w/o the pillow propping me up... I have to keep my leg elevated, and the whole combination is a bit uncomfortable.

Again, yeah, I have a few issues with my SNB, but overall it's been good. I'm sticking with it mainly because I like the adjustability. Sometimes I need to sink into the pillowtop... other times, I don't.

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We went looking for a new mattress last year and tried the Sleep Number and thought it was horribly uncomfortable, no matter what setting we tried it on.

We ended up with a spring mattress with a thin layer on memory foam on top (I wanted foam, DH wanted spring, so it was a great compromise!), and it's been fantastic!
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DH and I are in LOVE with our sleep number bed!!! We've had it for about 3 years now and its just AMAZING. Neither of us can sleep away from home anymore, we are so spoiled! But we did get the version with the 3" pillowtop. I do still have back pain, but NOTHING like it used to be. However, we also invested in good sheets, pillows, ect. Sleep is very important to me, lol.

But I recomend to the bed to anyone who will listen!
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I have two sleep number beds ... same model just 10 yrs apart .. it is fine I like it but I still prefer the floor
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Well, I guess there are a bunch of opinions. Sharky, the floor? At least I am not a lone voice in the wilderness.
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I have a mattress that needs replacing badly, but I can't afford to do so at this time. I bought a four inch Serta memory foam topper and it has helped immensely. When we are able to afford a new mattress- in a year or two- we will probably get a Tempurpedic or Serta memory foam mattress. I've heard mixed reviews on the sleep number bed. I would be nice to stay somewhere that had these different beds, to try them out! I've heard some hotel chains carry them.
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My parents have one. My dad doesn't care one way or the other---he was in the Navy for 20 years, and if he could sleep on those thin ship bunk matresses, I suppose anything else would be better. My mom likes it though. After about 10 years, the foam topper wore out, plus one of the cats (old cat with kidney issues) peed on it and it was pretty nasty. She called the company, thinking she'd have to buy a new topper, but they sent her a new one for free. I guess it falls under the warranty?

Every time I've slept in the bed (housesitting or whatever), I wake up with a backache. Maybe I haven't found my right number yet .

I went to the furniture store and tried out all the mattresses. I really liked a foam mattress....I think pure latex foam? It wasn't memory foam (I like them but it feels kind of weird), but it was thick pure foam, no innersprings. That's my next mattress. It wasn't cheap, but it should last a while. I like sleeping on the couch, so I think a foam mattress should be right for me.
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We had a waterbed for 30+ years. It was wonderful, and if I slept away from home, I had really bad issues with back pain, regardless of the quality of the mattress I slept on. Unfortunately (or maybe not?) DH developed back issues of his own that were NOT helped by the waterbed, so we acknowledged that if we were ever going to sleep together again, we needed to get a new bed. I can't tell you how anxious I was about that.

In our search, we did try the Sleep Number Bed, and I have to agree with mrblanche. It didn't impress me at all, especially at the prices they were going for!

We tried memory foam, and found it OK once you got settled and agreed with it where the indents should go, but disconcerting when you needed to change position, and overall not very satisfactory, again, especially at the prices they were going for.

Of the conventional mattresses -- and we tried all the names you see advertised -- the one that begged to be taken home was Kingsdown. It's not unlike all the other pocket coil sytems with thick pillow top, but they got the balance right. That was only last February, but there was no "getting used to it" period. It was a perfect sleep from the word go. Having had such a bad time for years on any conventional mattress, I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to find one that worked that well.
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