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boni's paw is doing good, still turns under a little but it seems that once she is healed a little more it will be ok friday will be two weeks, then she will have two weeks left of crate life!!!!! she doesnt mind the crate right now!!!

Which surprises me!!! she likes to have it open and she will lay in the crate and just stick her head out of the door and fall asleep!!! (the door is only open when am there so she wont come out and get hurt)
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Thanks for the update! You're doing a great job with Boni!
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How's her eating and drinking? Is she back to normal? Does she seem to be in pain? Is she wanting to interact with the other kitties?
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She is eating and drinking normally!!! She doesnt seem to be in pain, its still tender for her. She doesnt apply weight to her back left yet. She does want to play with the other kitties! but they dont want to play with her right now. i think that Della is scared to hurt her because she will just lay by Boni's crate. and keep the other kitties away from the crate.

When she sees me she will meow and roll over to get her belly rubbed. and inch closer to me to be brushed and loved!!!she a momma's girl

TWO WEEKS and counting to be crate FREE
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That's so sweet, it's amazing how fast they heal. I'm glad she's doing well and Della is protecting her
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Awesome progress!! She's coming right along! You're really taking such good care of her. Kudos to Della for being Boni's "protector".
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