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Broken Pelvic bone

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i have a very sweet kitty named Boni, she is just a year and just got hit by a car. She broke her pelvic bone close to the joint. i have to have her in a crate for at least 1 month She is NOT moving her back legs. she does have feeling though. This happened 2 days ago.

Has anyone go through this. is it normal for them not to really move. She can raise her head and stick her front paws out of the crate. i have her on pain meds but shes not eating. How long before she should start at least moving her back legs?
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I can't answer your last question - but how is your vet treating this? Depending, you might want to look for a small animal orthopedics specialist. I know in humans that takes quite a while to heal, must be properly pinned, and can take a while before a person is even up from it - just because of how much the pelvis stabilizes everything. I would assume that part is not that much different in animals.
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I've never gone through this, but I would think it's normal for her to not want to move because of the pain and then the pain meds probably make her dopey and it would be dangerous for her to try to move as she'd probably stumble and possibly hurt herself. She's probably not eating because the the meds are making her so dopey, BUT she MUST eat to regain her strength, heal, and to keep her from getting fatty liver disease. You MUST get some nutrition and water into her even if you have to hand feed her or syringe feed her.

Before syringe feeding her, try getting some canned food and taking about a teaspoon of it and putting it on a small plate or in a shallow bowl. Add a little bit of water to it and warm it up for about 5 or so seconds in the microwave. The warmth will enhance the smell and hopefully attract her to eat the food. You can also try tuna, salmon, stage 2 baby food (no onions or garlic), and even plain boiled chicken.

I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but I know someone will be along shortly to help you with more info on treating the actual trauma.
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Boni is doing a little better. still not eating, i did sringe some tuna water into her mouth. She was trying to move to get to her buddy who was on the bed. She hasnt pooped since the accident though she is peeing fine, and she is alert.
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I'm so glad that she is doing better, but she MUST eat or her liver will shut down and she will die. That is blunt, but the truth. Also, have you considered making her and her buddy indoor kitties from now on (I'm assuming that her "buddy" is another cat?).

Good luck!
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yes her buddy is my other kitty. I have been giving her little amounts of food that i have to force her to eat (food and water are in her cage) I should say she wont eat on her own i have to put it into her mouth. She does have a very bruised liver as well as the broken pelvic bone.
She will be a indoor cat only!!!
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You go, girl!
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So glad you're going to make her an indoor only cat. This kind of thing (or worse) is my greatest fear with outdoor kitties.

Glad to hear she's doing better, but she absolutely MUST eat, even if you have to feed her or sit with her while she eats.
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Boni is eating very well now. and seems to be in less pain.
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That's good to hear. If I were you, I would give the vet a call tomorrow and let the vet know approximately how much she ate and drank over the weekend, and let the vet know that she hasn't really moved her back legs yet. Your vet will be the best judge of what she should and shouldn't be doing.

If she's on pain meds and not eating and feeling sore, I wouldn't be surprised that she hasn't pooped yet, but once again - it's best that a vet judge that.

My kitty Stumpy broke her pelvis (it was a fracture and a small break), and her tail which was amputated after being hit by a car when she was younger. I was fostering her at the time, and she'd spent 2 1/2 weeks at the shelter in a cage recovering, and initially would just drag herself toward the front of the cage when people walked by in the clinic to get some pats, and it wasn't long before she could wobble her way to her litter box. When I got her 2 1/2 weeks later she was walking around and I was struggling to keep her quiet - she would run to me when I opened the door to the bedroom she was kept in, and would try to run down the stairs if she got half a chance, and lose balance. She was such a silly girl! She did recover fast though, but it took a fair bit of time before she was FULLY recovered.

Just keep in regular contact with your vet, keep her quiet, and before you know it, you'll be struggling to keep her resting!
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Thanks to everyone.. yes i will keep in contact with the vet to ensure that she get better as soon as she can... even though it will be hard to keep her crate up for a month i have a count down calendar going!!!!
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Boni - keep feeding her consistently - now that she ate tuna, you can start giving her wet food - feed it to her with your finger - open her mouth and put it on the roof of her her mouth (if she doesn't eat on her own). Do this just until you are absolutely sure she is eating well on her own.
And to make sure she drinks, measure the water in the am, and again in the PM to see what is left... continue to give her with a syringe just a little longer to be sure...
Is her crate big enough to put a little litter box in it?
Don't stop giving the pain meds because she "looks like" she is not in pain anymore - cats a notorious for hiding pain... Keep her on the meds as it will make her feel better to eat, drink , pee, poop, etc...
Only the vet will be able to tell you about walking again, but if he said she is going to heal on her own, it sounds to me she is going to be ok...
Is the other kitty inside? Can she be inside too? It can be great for both - high spirits is also a huge part of healing, it would be great for her to have her friend there, especially when you go back to work.... besides, a disaster like this one can happen to the other kitty at any time (God forbid)...
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i havent let out any of our other 3 kitties!!! She is eating by her self, she ate a lot, tuna and wet food. YES i will be keeping her on the pain meds!! i am gonna get a few more just to be safe after this weeks pain meds run out. Her crate is big enough to have a litter box in it, she used it for the first time today i just had to help her out of it!!!
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Originally Posted by boni View Post
i havent let out any of our other 3 kitties!!! She is eating by her self, she ate a lot, tuna and wet food. YES i will be keeping her on the pain meds!! i am gonna get a few more just to be safe after this weeks pain meds run out. Her crate is big enough to have a litter box in it, she used it for the first time today i just had to help her out of it!!!
Oh Boni - looks like she is a beautiful Ragdoll mix or Ragdoll - glad she will be inside now... raggies are inside cats all the way; much too sweet to be outside ... She is sooooooo pretty
Good for you that you are keeping all of them in too! They will be all safe now
That is wonderful news that she is eating and she has now used the litterbox Yey!!! That is so awesome! I think she is going to be just fine... You will see - we will be sending her plenty of vibes!!!
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I'm late to this thread, but thrilled with the progress your Boni is making! Keep up the good work and care! As was mentioned, be sure to keep your vet up to date on her progress.

I know a young woman in another forum, whose cat had a broken pelvis, after the cat slipped out (her cats are indoor) and disappeared for two weeks, and then somehow dragged herself back home.

She had to be crated for a full six weeks I think it was. The time does pass, thankfully!

Sounds like Boni is in good hands, and I'm glad you will be keeping them inside from now on!

PS Welcome to the forum!
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What good news! Glad she's progressing and doing better. I'm not sure what kind of set up you have for her, but you might want to look into a large dog crate or one of those black collapsible wire crates used for dogs & cats. It would give her more room and when she starts moving around a bit more space to roam in. Just don't put anything in there that she might be able to jump up on top of.

Please keep us posted on her progress as we love to cheer on the overcomers!
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shes in a large dog crate now, that has room for her to have a litter box and food water. and to be able to switch postions..... talked to the vets office today i might have to take her back to the vets if she doesnt start pooping today.(she just starting eating yesterday.) yes she does have some ragdoll in her. Thanks agian for all the help
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The kitty I spoke of earlier did have to have an enema or two, I think. I've tried to find the thread for you, but it was a long time ago and the member no longer posts there, and I can't remember her exact user name.
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If she's not had much intake of food, she's not going to have much to put out yet in the poop department. I'm glad you've touched base with the vet and you're on top of it. You're a very good cat meowmy (or cat daddy). Keep up the good work!
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i think she is going to be a even more spoiled kitty after this month is over.... she will think all she should get is tuna and wet food. (which i did give her alot of any ways) But she will demand it everyday from now on!!! but thats ok!!! She did poop a little. Shes drinking more now too, how ever i have to give her tuna water she refuses the plain water unless i syring it into her mouth. she stands every now and then

. but her hurt side paw curls inword hopefully it wont last am going to call the vet tomorrow to ask if thats ok!!
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Sending more healing !
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yey she pooped!!!

move vibes going your girls way!
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Originally Posted by boni View Post

. but her hurt side paw curls inward hopefully it wont last am going to call the vet tomorrow to ask if thats ok!!
You are doing a great job staying on top of her injury. I'm so glad to read that she is eating and starting to use the litter box.

It's good to check with the vet about her paw turning inward. I know in humans with a hip fracture or dislocation the foot will turn inward. The vet can look at her xrays again and let you know what he thinks.

Hang in there and she will be out and about before you know it! Many healing prayers headed your way for your beautiful girl.
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Eating all wet isn't a bad thing, in fact it's a great way to increase their water intake. I add a couple of teaspoons to my cats' canned food concoction just to make sure they get the water they need. I make it about the consistency of oatmeal and they love it. It works best with pate style foods, not with chunks or gravy, or food already kinda runny. You might try that to help her with her water intake.

Sooo glad you're watching her closely. You're doing a super job and she's so fortunate to have you.
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yes , i add water to all the wet food i give to my kitties they like the water more than the food its self!!! Boni and Della (my two) go around and finish up what the others left.

hopefully the vet will give good new when i ask about the problems that i still have
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my baby boni is doing much better!!!!! she doent cry when i move her to change her bedding and rolls over so i will rub her tummy!!! tomorrow will be a week since she got hit..... only 3 weeks to go before she can come out of the crate!!!! even though i wont let her have the run of the house for a little longer due to my other cats and not wanting to hurt her
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I am so glad to learn that your sweet girl is improving.
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Awesome!!!!! Wonderful news! Here are some more vibes!
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Woohoo!! Go Boni, go!! You're doing such an awesome job with her. Keep it up!
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Thanks for the happy update on your Boni! How's that paw?
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