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Anyone see Fear Factory?

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I missed it last night because I had to work until 9pm but a friend said it was great.

any of you reality tv junkies (and you know who you are!) see it? this may be the fix we need to get us to S3
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Hey Airprincess!!!

Yeah you missed a pretty interesting show! I know I would not have made the $50,000 prize!!

1. The horse drag -- could've done that..
2. Laying with Rats for 4 minutes -- could've done it.. would've hated it
3. Suspended from a tilted wet car over a canyon river bed trying to get from one side of the car to the other -- NO WAY! My upper arm strangth is poor and I'm terrified of heights!!

BUt it was fun watching all the other kids screaming during all the stunts!!
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Who the devil thought up those stunts? Rats chewing on exposed sections of skin? I am with the black dude, I would of hit the road. The biggest turn-off for me anyway was seeing the MC laugh at the people who were truly scared. Who would want to be buried in a tub of rats for 4 minutes, or dangle above a dam for cripes sake while trying to perform acrobatic stunts better suited for stunt men? I won't watch it again and have already written the station with my letter of disgust. I can just see gullible teenage boys trying some of those hairbrained stunts, after all, look at what Jackass has done for the easily led.
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I didn't see it, and I really don't want to. I have to change the channel just when the ads come on. I've always been a wimp about scary movies and whatnot, but personally, I think they've crossed the line between creepy and sick.
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Ok I'm embarrassed to admit this, but you all are my friends so...

I almost want to see it more now because of Hissy post. controversay will get me everytime. now I have to see what the fuss is all about! Can't be missing something that is stirring emotions. even if I see it once & hate it, at least then I will know that I'm not missing anything.

I'm sick. I know it.
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what on earth is Fear Factory ?!

maybe we dont get that here in Canada !
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Have you checked out Fear on MTV????

An awesome show... IMHO

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Airprincess...what the heck is Fear Factory?? Never heard of it....what channel and what time and what night is it on??? It sounds horrible, but yet I have a weird desire to watch it! :laughing:

I am just So curious about this!!! ....okay...maybe I too am a bit sick...LOL :laughing:
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Ken I fear on mtv! it hasn't been on in awhile though I think my favorite one was the one where they went to that shut down factory. the one where that one guy was suppose to put his head in a noose & then kick off the cinder block, but he didn't do it. It blows my mind some of the things those kids have to do (being buried alive in a coffin...)

Blue & Debby

fear factory is this new reality tv show where they take 6 people & give them these challenges. now I didn't see it monday night, but they had to be dragged by horses, put in a glass coffin with 400 rats & then they had to climb over a car that was hanging over a ravine. who ever completes all the tasks wins $50,000. it'll be on again this monday, you should check it out Debbie.
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I will check it out! What channel is it on?
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I though the name of the show was Fear Factor ?
I didn't watch it though.
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Yeah I think the show is Fear Factor. Fear Factory is a band

It is on NBC right? I didn't see it cause I've been busy on my business trip. It's been fun, but I miss my cats too.
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