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October 11 - 2 ring show
Ring 1
Tim Murphy – ACFA (USA)
Best Ocicat exhibit - Malika
5th best group 3 kitten - Ashia
3rd best group 3 kitten - Malika

Ring 2
Dr Julia Nicholls
Best Ocicat exhibit - Malika
3rd best group 3 kitten - Ashia
BEST group 3 kitten - Malika

Last show of the year. 1 ring October 25th
Best Ocicat kitten - Malika
RESERVE Group 3 kitten - Ashia
BEST group 3 kitten - Malika

Side Classes (judged from entire, neuter & kittens)
Head type
3rd - Ashia
1st - Malika

Eye Shape & Colour
2nd - Malika

Best Coat Colour & Texture
3rd - Ashia
2nd - Malika

Best Overall Type
1st - Malika

Judges Fancy

Judges comment on both the girls "Extremely high quality kittens"
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Job well done.
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Very very nice indeed! Well done cats and mommy!
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Thanks Jacky and Adilah, we've had a great year
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Congrats Amanda - job well done

Glad to see one of our ACFA judges final your Oci's (haven't had Tim judge ours yet).

Looking forward to next weekend with our Aussie and UK judges (Rod U'ren and Anne Gregory) (not sure which is

Hopefully they will put Jack up in the top 5 cats so he can Grand at the show. If not, there are a few others there that may give it to him.
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Thanks Martice.

Rod is the Aussie, he's put my cats in the top 5 before though it was his wife who liked the Oci's more.

Good luck
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Oh Wow congratulations Amanda. FANTASTIC news
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Wow! Way to finish off the year! Great job!!!!
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Thanks Sam and Carolina

Pictures are hard to take as we are not allowed to identify ourselves to judges, and taking pics of your cat being judged does that, sometimes we'll have someone taking pics of the whole show. She has some pics for me but I need to go over and get them on disk.
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Great job, congrats!
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Originally Posted by P&R View Post
Great job, congrats!
Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
Thank you both
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I guess I haven't been paying attention to the breeder section much lately.

Congrats on your cats wins Amanda! Great job!
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Thanks Nial
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