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Mom Goose & kiddos!.....=)

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Sharing a cool photo with all of you!...

sooo tender!...
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OMG! How precious! That brought back so many memories of the geese family on my families pond!
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awwwwwwwwwwe so cute
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Those are Canada Geese and they are really good parents. Cute photo Rigel.
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awwwww cute.
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very cute. They are good, protective parents.
There were a couple of times this summer when I was in a traffic jam caused by geese crossing the road. I must say that it is really encouraging to know that the majority of people around here actually stop and wait a while for geese to cross the road. One time I counted 20 geese, and they all crossed single file across a busy main road while we all waited.
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Thank you friends!.......
Please share the goose photos here!...
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Heres mine .......

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These are not real geese but an older gentleman and his wife have a display set up in their yard every year and they change it weekly. They'll have the geese set up around a table for Thanksgiving, on a moving ferris wheel and other things for the fall fair such as the food booth, tractor pull, etc., golf scenario around the time of the Canadian Open, boat races, soccer - anyway this is one for back to school week.
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OMG!-...... what Can I tell you friends!... those are fantastic´s!!!!....

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