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Halloween pumpkins! Show me yours!

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We carved pumpkins today! We got together with a bunch of friends and all carved and had a great afternoon. Lucky we had help, because hubby's pumpkin was quite complicated and drove him nuts, so lucky he had help

So hubby did a Cylon which is a character from Battlestar Galactica, with red LED eyes that flash back and forth. I did a radioactive pumpkin using glow sticks on the inside

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How fun!!! You guys did a great job!

Are you planning on making pumpkin dishes with them after Halloween?
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My goodness Sarah!... nice job my friend!.-..
I use to see Galactica too!... Nice idea of Hubby!...
but your radiactive Pumpkin seems prettie good!......
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Those are really neat!
The guy we got our pumpkins from said when you carve them to put Vaseline on the carved parts and they will last longer. I can't do that though since I let the animals eat them and I don't want to hurt them... But if you want to make them last that's an idea..
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Apparently you can put WD-40 on them too which I'll do tomorrow
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Very cool Sarah!
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Actually, plain Vaseline won't hurt critters -- in fact, it's the basis of anti-hairball gels like Petromalt.
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Cool pumpkins! Love the radioactive glow!
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Here is my pumpkin.

This is the pumpkin my husband carved.
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They're very cool!! I love Darth Pumpkin
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I love Halloween! Here is the pumpkin my SO and I carved together:

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Those are great pumpkins so far!

Sadly, my boyfriend and I have zero. Our apartment is at the dead end of a street and can't imagine there are people trick or treating so we did not get a pumpkin.
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My SO's pumpkin

My Pumpkin (it's a crow in a cage)

My labs pumpkin, it's supposed to be the two hands in 'the creation of adam' holding a surgical mask - it was difficult

Carved into the back of that pumpkin

My 'craft' pumpkins (featuring Cello)

Our house!

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This was our pumpkin. DH and DS came up with the design on their own. I think it turned out pretty cool!

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What great pumpkins so far, they put mine to shame I had to carry mine back from town wedged in the puschair shopping basket and when I was halfway home going down the hill it rolled out and was rolling down the middle of the road, I had to run after it, lol, hence why it looks a bit bruised.

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Wow, cool jack-o-lanterns; especially love Sarah's Cylon!

Here are ours, from left to right:
Our daughter's kitty pumpkin (don't you just want to scratch him under the chin, lol)
My pumpkin (hey I almost didn't do one but this fits my mood - taken from the "people of walmart" logo)
Husband's pumpkin - he always does magnificent ones!

Thanks for looking!
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Here is ours. The little Trick or Treaters were pretty cautious walking by it.
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