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kids, gum and cats don't mix!

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So yesterday I gave my youngest DD (4) a piece of gum. She doesn't get it very often but she was very good yesterday while we did a lot of boring driving around so why not. She's normally very good about not playing with it or taking it out of her mouth and when she's done it goes in the trash, not so much yesterday. Rosalie comes inside and I pick her up and what do I feel but a wad of gum stuck to her side! UGH! SO, I looked to see if it was out enough to just pull out, NOPE, a quick cut? NOPE! DH had to restrain her in a towel (after 3 attempts at just holding her) so that we could get it out with his clippers Boy oh boy she did NOT like them, she basically spazzed out whenever we turned them on (but was fine and back to normal while they were off. After about 10 mins of maneuvering we finally got the gum out and kitty has a slightly shorter patch of hair! Luckily she's long haired otherwise she'd prolly have a bald spot, lol. Lesson learned
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Next time try peanut butter. It's supposed to get gum out of human hair, so why not kitty fur?
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Originally Posted by marinewife05 View Post
Next time try peanut butter.
Good choice - your daughter prolly won't stick peanut butter to the cat.
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LMAO!!! Ok well Im sure you werent laughing at the moment but this will be one story you can use against your DD when she grows up about how she "shared" her gum with Rosalie! Pooorrr kitty
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OH yeah, she hasn't had gum since. She asked for some the other day and I told her "not untill you learn not to share with the cat" she just gave me a funny look, lol.
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Aw poor Rosalie. Its amazing how much cats can hate clippers. At least you were able to get the gum out and I bet its a lesson your daughter doesn't forget.
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