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Making cupcakes

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Today is my sd's birthday, but she is having her party here on Friday, and having a few girls stay over...I just thought it would make her feel good to have some cupcakes for her b/day...we havent't gotten her presents for her yet, but will have it by Friday....she is getting that new Harry Potter Book..she is soo excited about it!!! My mom is getting her a big huge cookie instead of a cake..(that is what Shalee wanted instead) so she is thrilled about it!! anyway, just wanted to share!
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Oh what fun! I love having my stepson around, but sometimes I wish I had a daughter too. The girl my hubby considers his daughter isn't really his so we don't see her much.
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Sounds great. Maybe as part of her party, she and her friends can either make, or decorate their own cupcakes!
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I was thinking of making cupcake ice cream cones....you make the cake mix, and then put it iside a cone, put it in the oven, and after it cools off, you can pu ton whatver you want...I think the girls would love it!! today she isnt have anyone over yet..not until Friday.. so I will be able to get that stuff on hand then....
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Hey Kathy check your pm's
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wow I never thought of that ice-cream cone one - what a great idea! I guess you'd have to get the flat bottom ones eh?

Great idea!
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I used to love the ice cream cone cupcakes. Mmmmmm cupcakes.
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My Mom used to make the icecream cone ones all the time. The flat bottomed ones are easiest unless you have a stand.
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The cupcakes in the cones sounds like a great idea for Shalee's birthday. I bet the kids will have a ton of fun decorating them too. Please tell her Happy Birthday from me and Spike.
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Kathy, what a great idea! That reminds me, I just bought 2 boxes of ice cream cones at WalMart just the other day. They were dirty cheap too! I think 96 cents for a box of 10 or more?

Anyway....Hope Shalee had a great birthday and hope she has a blast on Friday!
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