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My friend is a riot!

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My friend and I made plans to go shopping today so that I could buy some clothing essentials and some new clothes for my new job (I can't wear uniforms and need business casual attire).

She was to pick me up between 12:30 and 1pm. She calls me at 10 minutes to 1 and tells me that she's about 5 minutes away. At 10 past she's still not here! I start worrying that she was in an accident or something, so I called her on her cell. Her car broke down seconds after she hung up from me the first time.

She just called me again. The tow truck had come and couldn't get her car started so she was towed back home, across the city.

I thought she was calling to tell me that our shopping trip was off. However, she was calling to tell me that she has her parents' car and was picking me up in about 20 minutes.

I told her that we could go another day. She said: "NO! Who knows when you'll be in the mood to shop again!"

Little does she know that I plan on dragging her out shopping again in 2 weeks so I can buy more clothing and a couple pair of shoes for work.
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Now that's what I call dedication! Is there anything better than a friend who is willing to go to the extreme to help you spend money? Gotta love it! Hope your shopping trip is fun!
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Too funny!!! Hopefully she can get her car repaired soon!

Hope you have a blast shopping with your friend today!
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Well, I'm back!

I bought:

6 underwear
6 pair of socks
3 pair of pants
3 tops

There was more that I wanted to buy but I had to budget myself because of my unexpected pharmacy expense the other day.

We're going again in 2 weeks so that I can buy a few more pair of pants and some more tops and a couple pair of shoes.

In a way I wish I could just wear my uniforms to my new job because it would be so much cheaper. I spent $300.00 on uniforms in May or so, and because I wore uniforms to work, I didn't bother having a bunch of regular clothing other than a few pair of jeans and casual T's. But now that I need to have "business casual", it's costing me a mint to stock up again.

I actually had to look for a 6X in pants!!! 5X if they are stretchy. But OMG! I need to go on a serious diet and start exercising again.

A gym opened up about 7 or 8 blocks from me near the library that I go to. So now that I'm going to have my evenings free, I'll be able to get there, do the treadmill for 45 minutes or so and come home and shower all in about 90 minutes or less! I can manage that!! It will get me out of the house and away from the fridge!!
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