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can cats grow even after a year old

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when my cat was a year old she was 7 pounds the vet said she had a small frame and was the perfect weight and told me if she was 10 pounds she would be considered over weight

well now that same cat is 4 years old and she weighs 13 pounds the vet said her weight is good and that if she stays like this he would be happy

she is just a reg calico street cat so im so confused as to how she was the right weight at 7 pounds then at 13 pounds shes still at a decent weight its like her body got bigger or something she does not look like she has a small frame now
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Some cats, like Maine Coons, don't finish growing until they're 4 or 5. Since you've got a genetic mixed bag on your hands, it's hard to say what she's got in her, so it's hard to guess when she'll stop. As long as she's at a good weight for her size, she's fine!
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This is exactly what I am worried about Ku Ku. She was ferrel and was extremely thin & skinny when she first came to me - she weighed approx 6lbs. Now, after almost 4 years, her weight is up to almost double! I haven't asked my new vet re: her weight but my previous vet told me the same thing as your vet did: Ku Ku is small framed. She was OK with the (then current) weight which is about 10lbs.

Her body definitely got bigger(or should I say "expanded"?).
She started to gain weight after I got her spayed.(is it similar to human-being after menopausal? I'm wondering...) When she had surgery this July, I saw her shaved tummy with a couple of "folds"(post love-handle) when she sat.
It certainly made me worry if she's over-weight...
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Ragdolls Grow until they are 4-5... which make me super super afraid, since Bugsy is already a hefty 18lbs at 2 1/2!
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Most of my cats have continued growing till they were at least two. Biscotte is still small at three years old, but even she has grown quite a bit in the last year.
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is this more growning in frame like length and height
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
is this more growning in frame like length and height
Yes. I think the reason lots of people think that cats stop growing at a year is that it stops being the kind of growth that bonks you in the face without how obvious it was. If you asked me when Diesel stopped growing, I would've said after a year.. But looking at pictures, he definitely was not at his full size then.
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Every cat I've had seemed to take about three years to reach their full size. As has been said after the first year, it's much more subtle. But definitely noticeable, in a gradual sort of way.
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funny cause vets tell us all height and length growth is done in 8 months anything after that is just width aka fat
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^How strange. I've noticed that it's at least eighteen months to two years with a moggie. I guess that maybe the vet doesn't have cats or didn't have any raised from kittens? If the vet had, they would certainly know better.
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My Lily has finally quit growing at 3 years of age. And she's just your basic barn cat, or moggie.
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