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Getting cat to use litter box again.

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A few weeks ago my cat had a bladder issue. He stopped using the litter box and was really struggling to pee (but there was some pee so it was not a blockage) it was a long weekend and my husband was out of town so taking him to the vet was not an option . Also we had just spent $160 at the vet a few days before on our dog (not that either one is more important, my husband just started working after being laid off, and we just moved so money is very tight)

Anyways I did alot of googling online to see what I could do to help him until we could get him to the vet. I had previously changed his food so I switched it back, and started giving him applecider vinegar and cranberry capsuls mixed with his food, and giving him some wet food watered down like soup.

Within two days he went from barely walking (just sleeping and licking himself) to playing, eating and acting quite normal (although you could tell it was taking him longer to pee) Alot of my reading on the internet said that most times its not actually an infection but vets will treat as though they have an infection and syptoms will come back. So I decided to keep trying what I was doing as he seemed to be getting better (if he wasnt I would have taken him to the vet during the week)

Here is the problem...I made the mistake of laying in on a towel on a chair in the house while he was at his worst and he would just lay there and pee. I kept changing the towels and all was good. Once he was up and walking around he still wouldnt use the litter box because it still hurt to pee so he was peeing everywhere. I ended up using a large cage crate for him with a litter box in it to keep him contained when I couldnt watch him. He will now use the litter box in the crate but when he is not in there he pees on the chair. I have completely cleaned the chair (its the fake leather kind) and taken the cushion off (there would be no pee on the chair once the cushion is off) and he still pees on it (the chair is going out to the garage today)

So now he will use the litter box in the crate but he wont when he is out. We just moved to this house 1.5 months ago and he went from an indoor/outdoor cat to strictly indoors. He has never had a littler problem, he always used one when needed. The day before I noticed his bladder issue I boght a new littler box (the covered kind to keep the dog out) and I noticed he wasnt using it...so I uncovered it and he still wouldnt use it. Now if I put him in it he will pee/poop in it (and there is no straining to pee...he just goes and gets out)

Should I just go buy another litter box because he associating this one with pain? why will he use it in the crate but still pee elsewhere? Will this change once the chair is gone....I am hoping I dont have to search out other pee spots...when he wasnt well he would just pee on the chair or on the floor either in the kitchen or the stairs never on any carpet.
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I would get a different litterbox & put it in a slightly different location. Someplace quiet - where the dog can't bother him.

Also - bear in mind that the stress of the move could've causes UTI issues. Sometimes it's not just a UTI, but crystals in the urine also. I do suggest having your vet test a urine sample to ensure there are no urinary problems - because the longer they go on the worse they get, and he may continue his "out of the box" experiences.
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Well I removed the chair, changed the litter (I forgot to get a new box when I was out, but I am now using a clay instead of the newspaper pellets and I scrubbed the box out with vinegar) and moved the box to a different location.

So far so good he has been using it and having large pees I am still watching him around the house, but I guess changing his food didnt agree with him...plus the stress of the move. I am slowly going to transition him to a raw diet (the dog is already on it and has been for a while) but I am still researching cats (but thats a whole other section LOL)
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Glad your making progress ... fi you run into another issue with the box , change the box and maybe try cat attract litter

Vinger as someone wisely told me can encourage peeing so good cleaner for a box meant for that
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