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Tired, Aching and Irritated.

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I am calling this thread, tired aching and irritated because that is exactly how I am feeling today.
I slept very badly last night mainly because all the damp weather has my OA acting up badly, and everything I tried to do this morning wasn't cooperating....
So this is my solution a complaining thread....

Feel free to add whatever complains you may have to it, so I know I not the only one having a crappy day...
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I hear ya. Apparently my knee isn't healing like it should. Not to mention that pretty much every OTC pain killer and sleep aid I've used is not as effective anymore, so it's a lot of sleepless nights. Example: Aleve should last 12 hours... I'm finding right now that at anywhere between 6-9 hours it starts wearing off. Since I pretty much have to sleep on my back, due to the brace on my knee, I'm having a hard time sleeping. I normally sleep on my side or stomach...

When the meds are working, I'm pretty okay in the attitude department... but as they wear off... watch out...

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so sorry about you complains my friends......

but is funnie the title...
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I had a really crappy day at work. It started out as a good, profitable day in the cab, then DH gets sick and has to go home. (He is driving now, also.) I keep going and when I get a trip close to home, I take him some meds, juice, soup. I left all my stuff, including my purse in the cab. When I get to the front door, I discover, much to my irritation, that is it locked. I go back to my cab, and discover I have locked the keys and all my stuff in it. I had to wait for 30 minutes for the mechanic from the cab lot to come and rescue me.
I go back to work, trying not to let this ruin my day, and get a call to take 2 Marines to the Air Station across town, a good trip. I drop them off, get another call to get a Marine back across town and beyond, a really good trip. I get 5 miles down the road of a 23 mile trip, and my transmission just stops working. I had to call another cab for the trip, and wait for someone from the cab office to come rescue me again. The owner is too cheap to have it towed, so I have to follow him back to the lot, a hundred yards at the time, because that is about how far it would go once it cooled off enough to move at all. That took about an hour. They send me back out in a POS cab for an hour and a half with no trips to make up for time lost before I had to turn it in to the night driver. I will go home in the morning before I drive that bucket of bolts, rattletrap POS all day!
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I had to work today to, after working all week, 8:30am to 7pm every day! Had the wonderful gift of my period to top things off! One god send was we only had to work till 3pm today, at this point, I would have been home any way. Oh yeah, I did have the opportunity to go outside and clear the drain in the daylight, in the pouring rain, so that my apartment wouldn't flood, thank you for that!
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I had to work a miserable 11am till 8pm tonight got to work my section was full and sure enough didnt the whole flippin place just die after that. On a good day I would have made almost 200 bucks today what did I make 90 thats its 90 dollars! Ohhhhhhh Im still livid!! I hate my job I hate it I hate it I hate it!
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Most of last weeks nights were spent having hot flashes-had the window open above my head. Plus DH was snoring and the two boy cats took up residence by my feet so I had no room! Was really tired by the end of the week!!
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I love the idea of a 'complaining' thread (I'm British & whinging is one of our national pastimes!)
My complaint is that I have a day off work tomorrow & had planned to spend some rare time with my husband as we don't often get a day off together but he now has to work as someone else is off sick.
Also my mother-in-law (who I get on well with) is putting pressure on hubby for us to spend Xmas at her house. She lives over 400 miles away (we don't live near either of our families at the moment), my husband is a chef and will be working Xmas Eve & the day after Boxing Day (thankfully the place he works is usually shut Xmas Day & Boxing Day) so that will mean driving there on Xmas Eve night only to have to come back again on Boxing Day. We'd also have to arrange for someone to feed the cats, although we have friends who 'cat sit' for us (they live in the next street, we do the same for them if they're away) I don't like to 'tie them down' over the festive period. What really worries me is the thought of leaving my beloved kitties alone at Xmas!! (All my non-cat friends look at me like I need medical help when I say this, I'm hoping people here understand!). Anyway, I'm feeling like I'm being really selfish saying that I don't want us to go.
Sorry for the rant, I hope everyone's aches, pains & poorly knees are better soon.
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I hope you feel better soon!

I have no complaints today
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I know its Monday now but my Saturday sounds like it went as well as yours did!

My pain level has been through the roof lately. It always affects my mood. I tend to have a very low threshold for putting up with people when I am in that much pain.

The guy at the coffee drive through told me not to yell at him. I was ordering an egg &cheese wrap and he had me say it three times before he got the idea that I did not want bacon. "Can I have an egg & cheese wrap?" "Bacon egg & cheese?" "No, egg & cheese." "Bacon egg & cheese?" "NO! Egg & cheese!" His microphone was really loud so I thought if I spoke loudly he would hear me better....but I guess not becuase he says
"Ma'am, don't yell at me" I was only talking loudly because I thought he couldn't hear me the three times I told him no bacon! Silly me!

Than I went to the library. All but 2 of the 20 computers they have are for the book catalog only!! the rest of them you need your library card number to access the computer because it has the internet on those ones. Well, I did not have my card on me and needed to look up a few books. I asked the librarian if any computers I could access the catalog without my card. She said there were two over by the door.

Well, they have them in groups of four and they have signs for what each of the four units are capable of doing (like downloads etc.) I didn't see any signs for catalog access only. So I went ask her which ones she meant....did she go over and show me? No. Did she give me more specific directions? Nay. She told me to go to the third floor there were some there! Now, mind you, I am in pain here and she wants me to go to the third floor to access the book catalog. Did she offer to look up the book for me? No.

You may be saying, maybe she was busy or not able to leave the counter. Very generous of you but NO. She was with another person and neither of them were helping anyone else. She could have been more helpful is all I am saying. After the bacon guy and library girl I just had to laugh. It was not my day I guess.
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Time to add more whining..LOL..
Last night BF woke me up at 1030 because he found a flea on Franklin...Mind you it was only one but it only takes one so I got up livid at the stupid bug that jumped on my dog and gave Franklin a bath dried him off and proceded to complain about all the crap I had to do now today. So on top of closing tonight at work and barely making any money (its monday always slow) I had to rip apart our whole house clean disinfect and wash everything imaginable so now my laundry cycle has been disrupted and Im rushing to make sure I have a uniform to wear tonight I had to wash our bedding and the dogs bedding first because we need stuff to sleep on too...BF needed boxers washed...ARGH!!! And to top if off my brother is having his baby today and I can go to the hospital to see them till tomorrow because of all the cleaning I had to do today and all my money from this weekend was spent on flea treatments cleaners and laundry soap!! How annoying but tomorrow should be better plus Wed is auction day and I always have fun with BF and his dad!
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My feet hurt today from work and those are a fairly new pair of walking shoes too-grrrrrr.....
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I woke up this morning feeling really crappy. My chest felt and still feels heavy and I was having trouble breathing. I called in sick at work and called my doctor. He is not in today and they don't have any appointments until November available! But I did leave a message for Carla, his P.A. She hasn't called me back yet so I think she had the day off too. They must have worked Saturday. I will try again tomorrow. I think it would be wise to stay home tomorrow too. If it is something contagious, you can be sure I got it at work.
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Can I add into the whinyness?

I've been sick for over a week now....finally on the mend tho But wow, spending a week in bed really does some damage to your body eh. I was up for a couple hours yesterday, and my muscles are killing today (the weather doesn't help), add onto that the normal daily issues being all haywired due to the weather system change and its not a good day.

I'm trying to force baby steps, but this has really played havoc on my emotional level.

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