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Say what?

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Yesterday I took both kittens for their first visit to the vet for their second set of vaccinations. That evening, the kittens, especially Cindy, were a bit sleepier and not as active as usual. When I went into Cindy's sleeping/eating area, Cindy was standing there and looked up at me and began vocalizing and making all kinds of kitten noises. What was she trying to tell me? I noticed that on the way to the vet, Cindy was sadly meowing in her carrier and was clearly the most vocal of the two kittens. It would be quite a feat if you could translate catspeak into human language!

Sorry for all the pics, me bad. I've decided to create a kitten website.

Now, back to the indoor/outdoor cat dilemma. Is there anything you can build or make, is there a fence I am unaware of, that can house kittens in just your yard and keep them from roaming elsewhere and getting into trouble? I feel so badly (now with the outdoor pool open and all) having such a beautiful yard and back porch, and the kittens won't be able to enjoy it. The vet recommended keeping the kittens indoors because of feline diseases, fleas, etc.. Please post any comments or info you may have. Thanks!
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Emma is very vocal. Although I have no idea what she's saying, I can tell my her meow what she wants. She has all sorts of meows and when I ask her if she's hungry, she has one that sounds like "yeahhh....". LOL.

How about a leash? I've heard of people putting their cats on leashes so they could enjoy the outside.
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They make nets that attach to your fence that will keep your cats in, and other critters out.

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You can also make a cat enclosure for your yard.

Click here for some excellent pictures from a post by Kimward about her kitty enclosure.

Also, there is an article written about enclosures here.

Finally, the company where Kimward found the plans for her enclosure is http://www.just4cats.com/
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I would also keep your kittens indoors at least until they are a year old. They are to young to be running around outside, unless you have a safe place for them be.

Here is a link:

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If I could redesign my house for my cats, I'd build a castle tower addition, one and a half or two stories tall, with a stairway and loft, having solarium like catwalks on both sides leading to a kitty courtyard, all enclosed for kitty safety.

I'm definitely going to check out the cat enclosure plans. You've got to love those scratching posts!

Here's another idea for a scratching post. Visit one of the lawn and garden stores that sell firewood or one of the garden material stores and ask if they would sell you a large, tall, tree-like piece of firewood.
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