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When do you stop your flea program?

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My cats are on Interceptor and Frontline and yesterday I got my monthly reminder to give them Interceptor. But seeing as it's now late October I wonder if it's fine to give them a break over the cool/cold seasons? I'm in the Washington DC area.

Is it okay to take a break with the topical treatments or should I stick to it year-round?
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that depends on the amount you have... I live in a VERY low flea and tick area thus I treat as needed summer only... Some areas of the mid west treat yr round even though it freezes hard ... Most of the southern states recommend yr round but they rarely get a solid / hard freeze
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I stopped when I stopped taking them outside.... Never had a problem... And I do have fleas in the garden.
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I should look into pest activity for my area then.
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I live in Wisconsin. I start their flea treatment in the spring when it starts to warm, and they had their last treatment at the end of September (in warmer years I will do their last treatment in Oct or Nov). They are indoor only, but I use it as a precaution. We didn't have a chance to treat the lawn this year, but first thing in the spring we will be. That will also help. I usually buy Frontline and apply every 2-3 months.
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I don't preventative treat. And usually if I spot a flea I only treat for one or two months. I do however comb all of the cats with a flea comb at least once a week, and check their fur regularly. This allows me to catch any fleas very quickly. This method has worked for years.

My yard doesn't really have fleas - so far.
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Having just had 4 stray adult cats & 4 stray kittens come into the shelter today loaded with fleas - I say talk to your vet to find out how bad fleas are in your area. They're really in full gear right now around here, and vets say to keep going on preventative.
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Been living in tropical climate(FL before, now HI), Ku Ku gets Revolution year-round. Although my current apartment is not carpeted & Ku Ku is indoor cat, still, y'never know when fleas get in & spread around - they may stick behind my shoes & sneak in every time I come home
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I live in Texas. We have fleas year-round, so we treat year-round. However, I only treat my girls quarterly as we don't have fleas in our yard and I haven't seen a flea in ages. I do treat them with Revolution, though, esp. for heartworms since we have skeeters all the time!
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NEVER! I have my babies on Revolution. Not really for the fleas but for the heartworm prevention. The only time I've ever had a flea problem is when I brought Harvey into the mix as a flea infested feral kitten. Haven't seen a flea since. However, I swear mosquitoes are year round in Louisiana, so I keep them on it just to be safe. I try to apply each month, though I admit it's usually an every 2 months thing simply because I forget. Whoops.....
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