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Too many cats, not enough homes

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I stopped in to the SPCA today to see the kitties. They are full! I was told they are on an "Overflow alert", meaning any cat with a problem who's brought in (doesn't like kids, litterbox issues, etc) will be euthanized within 24 hours of surrender. Lost cats have to be held for 10-14 days by law.

It broke my heart to look at all those kitty faces and wonder who might not be there tomorrow. There were about 10 kittens, one cuter than the next. None of the other 10-15 cats was more than 4 yrs old; most ranged from 6 months to a year.

I know I can't save them all. I may not be able to save any more; I asked about one and when they looked me up in the computer, they said because of the number of cats I already have, they need the manager's approval before I can adopt another. I offered to let the manager come visit my home and see how well my cats live!
My heart is breaking for these poor innocents whose only crime was to be born...
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I can't even go to the shelter because I can't stop crying from the moment I go in until hours after I leave. I always feel so guilty that I can't take them all home with me. And it tears me up that they will die simply because there is no home available for them.
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there need to be more shelters and alot more free spay and neatur programs. I think over time it will get better. We all just have to keep doing what we can.
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I know Sue-

I can't go to the shelters at all. Even when we drive past Mike will accelerate so I won't have time to look. I would heed their warning that you have enough. So do I, and were it not for being able to rehome 4 of the barn cats, I wouldn't have been able to bring home the three kittens the other day. Plus, my vet called and she wants Karma after all, so that frees up some of the stress that is here on the cats. Karma and Ripley do not get along. I am keeping karm through the summer as her new home is being remodeled, and it will give Rugby a chance to grow up a bit and not be so rambunctious for her. Since she is blind in one eye, she is a special needs cats.
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Sue, I don't even like going to Petsmart on the weekend because they have their adopt-a-thons there. I KNOW I can't get another because of our lease, and no apartment allows more than 2 cats (even 2 is hard enough!), but I feel the same way you do. I want to save them all, and I know I can't.
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MaryAnn, I know what you're saying is true. I do have enough. But it just hurts to sit back and know this cat is getting put to sleep if no one adopts him, and I can't do a thing about it. He's only 9 months old. He hasn't even had a chance to live, and he's going to die.
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I know, and there are 2 million plus more like him that are put to death every year because people do not spay and neuter. It makes no sense whatsover! All you can do is try and find another home for him among the people you know in the area. I always try the shops and ask the merchants if they want a shop kitty- it is great for business!
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i don't understand why they care how many cats you have if you provide good care for them.

hissy that is a great idea!! I'm always more likly to do business with someone that is an animal lover.
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I too would do more business someplace where animals were cared for. The "shop cat" idea is a good one, I will see how many people I can convince to go adopt a cat!

Situations like this make me want to strangle people who make excuses not to spay or neuter their pets and then have unwanted litters.
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i get mad too, but like my spca won't spay a "puffy" female. And I know that snowwhite is going to go into heat before she is unpuffy from nursing. So if she had to live outside she would be pregant again. Luckly we have it where she has NO access to males. I think that the spca and vets need to be more understanding when it comes to spay and neaturs or stray and ferals. All the vets where i live have over a month wait! And our spca has a month wait. That doesn't make it easy to do spay neutar and release around here hopefully things will change and it will be easier to get animals fixed.
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The SPCA manager spoke with the 2 of us this evening and is going to stop by our house on his lunch hour tomorrow. He said, "If I like what I see, you can have whatever cat you want."

I also have volunteered to take photos of their cats and dogs and make a Petfinder listing for them to get greater exposure to potential adopters.
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that is great sue. I know that alot of people check petfinder. Maybe you could even print some flyer up and put them around. Our local spca runs a weekly add in the paper.
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I asked them about having adoption events at the local mall, which they haven't done. It turns out they would love to do it, but have no volunteers. I am finding myself volunteering to help in any ways I can to help get as many pets as possible adopted.

The way I look at it, yes I love my lazy weekends, but if I were to sit in the mall for 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday and maybe save a couple of lives, it's well worth it.
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you are such a good person sue!! I'm sure you are really going to make a differance! I should give you guys some flyers to put up at the shelter for my site what better place to get cat collar order then from a shelter!
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