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Daily Thead Sat Oct 24th.

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Morning All!!

Pouring like crazy here this morning, but it's better the the snow they are getting further north I guess.

Haven't been up or to long I didn't sleep well lastnight and feel slightly zombie like this morning...

Nothing planned for the day, just going to take it easy and watch some tv I guess.

The kitties are sitting in the window watching the leaves blow around.

Everyone have a good day
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Busy busy busy!

I want to glue in the neck of the guitar I'm building, so I can work on putting a finish on it all week.

I want to stop past the animal shelter to visit Jeeves.

I need to go to the "fall festival" they're holding at my workplace, introduce my wife to a few more people, and get a free meal.

I need to take a look at the motorhome to see how it's holding up.

And I need to waste some time here!
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Kinda nasty and drippy here today, not cold, just wet. Not a lot planned, trip to town to fill the Jeep and get dry food for the barn cats, and that about does it.

TV this afternoon - hoping The Score is going to run the Breeder's Crown races from Woodbine. I really want to see the 3 Year Old Colt and Gelding Trot (Muscle HIll should win for fun) , the 2YO Colt and Gelding Pace (Sportswriter, Malicious) and the 2YO Filly Pace (Raising Rachel). I know it is too much to ask for to have them run the Invite on air, but that looks like an interesting race and hoping Shark Gesture pulls it of for my friend again. Watching races on line through HPI is pretty much a no go on dial-up, most likely will hae to wait for the videos on youtube an spend 40 minutes dowloading a clip that lasts about 2 minutes and 10 seconds with 1:50ish of that the race - that amount of data being stuffed down a dial-up connection is pretty slow loading.

If no races, well, It's gonna be the football game.............. Green is the colour, football is the game
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Today's been great so far.

This morning Jack took me out to breakfast. After that I came back home and did a few hours of studying (finals are comming up!). I vaccumed and cleaned for a bit...that's been about it. It's been a nice laid back day.

Tonight I'm going to dinner with my sweet friend Karen; I'm pretty excited! I haven't seen her in a few months so it should be fun!
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It's been a rainy day here as well

Met my sister for coffee, then picked up a few more christmas presents as one of my favourite stores had 30% off again. I really didn't need them because i finished my christmas shopping weeks ago but i love a bargain
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What a surprise, it's raining here too!

I got a chance to sleep in today and then went out with Cody to get the transmission looked at only to have this place tell us that they dont do tranny work and refer us to the place next door...Which isn't open on the weekends.

Then we went out for breakfast/lunch at Mom's Kitchen and I had a nummy chicken gyro.

Afterwards I got a cute little notebook with kitties all over it with a very old 10$ gift certificate to Borders.

Came home later and have been plopped down on the couch on the laptop since. Thinking about taking Cody into getting some oatmeal so I can make choc. Peanut butter no-bake cookies! Yumm!! And my aunt wants to make fondu when my sissy gets here.
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