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Nothing like a sunbeam

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My girls, like all good cats, love nothing more than to lie in a good sun beam

Lily looking elegant as usual

Stumpy in her favourite morning spot

Leave me alone!!! (She was actually at the tail end of a yawn) You may also notice her uber long whisker is growing back - yay!

Mmmmmm warmth


And Lily in her favourite morning spot

This really shows her eyes - they look yellow in natural light, but in the flash, they go orange

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They do love the sun don't they! Talk about a great life! They are so cute! OMG! I can see Stumpy's long whisker! I've never seen anything like that before! I guess I missed this story. Since her tail had to be removed do you think that this one whisker is making up for it (just in the wrong direction)???
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Wow, beautiful!!!!! Just gorgeous!
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Beautiful. Lily is elegant, lovely, and regal. Stumpy is cute, fierce, and beautiful (love the long whisker). But, pray tell, where is Smudgey?
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Yes, it's getting to the time of year that Sterling and Ella will be slowly following the sunspots across the floor.
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I love the pics they are so nice and toasty warm...I wish I too big to fit on the kitchen table with Hercules!
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Those pics are awesome. Now, I'M sleepy. I swear in my next life I want to come back as a house cat.
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Those are beautiful pictures! They are certainly soaking up the sun! I don't have any pictures of Maia lounging in the sun, she has a window perch that is difficult to get a photo of.....but I do have one of CeCe, this was Maia's kitten best friend growing up!
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Super gorgeous pics of the girls!
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AWW! They're so pretty!
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I love "my" hoodlum Stumpy. It's nice to see her not being naughty!
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Beautiful!! My kitties love the sun too, sadly my Lucas can't be exposed to the sun because of his Lupus...
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