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cat wont walk eat sleep or drink

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she limps pretty bad and seems to be in pain i took her to the vet the vet is conviced she was attacked by another cat because she also has a temprature so shes on anti boitics

anyways im worried about her because i have checked all her claws none of them have fur under them, shes such a fiesty cat i know if something attacked her she would claw like crazy yet there is no fur under her claws

also she was a barn cat and she has never had this happen to her ever she is so use to other outdoor cats shes never been hurt like this which is why im so confused, she hunts and catches big squrrels and rabbits i can't see another cat being able to do this to her.

how can she go from being a tough cat for the 4 years of her young life to being so fragile i dont get it she gone through so much she was born in a barn way out in the woods that was infested by coyotes, yet a simple cat attack has her not eating hurt and depressed this is so strange
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For an outside cat, there are so many possibilities.... Is she could be attacked by so many different things... different predators, cats or dogs with different diseases... Anything could happen, really...
Is she up to date on her shots? Where is she right now? Did the vet give her fluids? I hope she is inside with you?
Make sure you get her to eat something - tuna, boiled chicken, fancy feast, try to feed her with a spoon, and if she doesn't take, with a syringe... but she needs to eat...
many vibes
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So sorry to hear about your cat. But any cat, no matter how large or how "street wise" can certainly get hurt in a cat fight. All it takes is one well placed bite and that is it. Any remaining fur under her claws could easily have fallen out. I agree with previous poster, keep your cat inside and well supervised. She needs hydration. Very important. Do not let this go on for very long. If she continues to not eat or drink, your vet needs to know. They may put her on IV fluids. Dehydration leads to a whole host of other problems. Just because your cat is injured in a fight does not make her fragile. It makes her a normal cat. It might be a good idea to transform her from an outside cat to inside. There are too many nasty things that can happen, as you are now well aware. Good luck.
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shes in my bedroom shes walking a lot more today but still limping i think she drank and ate some also shes got all her shots thank god so she cant catch feline leukemia right

i am just still in shock i guess ive never seen a cat hurt another cat like this vet said it was a cat that attacked her because her temprature was up and the area of attack plus he said thats why its swollen another animal or dog attack looks a lot diff
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Keep a close eye on her - make sure, and I mean sure she eats and drinks - I can not stress to you enough how important this is.... She HAS to eat and drink. Give her lots of love, and hugs....
Can you make her an inside kitty....

You know, being an outside cat is very dangerous.... The average life spam is 3-4 yrs, while an inside cat lives well over 14-16 yrs.... There are just so many things that can happen in the outside world...
It sounds like you really do have a strong bond with this little girl.... maybe it is time for her to come inside....

many hugs.... she is going to be ok, now that she has found your way
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thanks shes eating and drinking for sure now

for some reason i always thought cats that were good hunters as in cats that take large prey were usually very dominant cats and never got picked on or attacked by other cats i guess i was wrong

anyone else share this belief
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Probably the last thing you want to hear, but vaccinations are not 100%. I think FeLv vac is somewhere around 80-85% effective, BUT adult cats are more resistant to it than kittens are.

You need to worry more about FIV. If she gets through this fine, maybe consider checking her?

You also need to be certain that she is drinking. To do this pick a bowl that say - holds 3-4 cups. Use a measuring cup and make sure you know how much water is going in. You can check the amount of water left later. Evaporation will account for a bit of it.

You can measure dry food the same way, and hopefully you can get her to eat some wet food.

The reason cats can get pretty beat up from another cat is simply because it's a cat. They'll let another cat a lot closer than they will something like a coyote or dog.
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