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Update on Houdini!

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Hey everyone! Sorry its been a week since Ive had time to get back on here! Work and school has been keeping me very busy!

Update on Houdini
He is doing GREAT!!!! I took him to the vet yesterday and he is actually 8 weeks old not 6 weeks as we had all guessed. He is was just very tiny and malnourished when I got him 2 weeks ago. But he is getting big and doing well. Got his shots-he did well with that except he was real sleepy all day which the vet said may happen. He tried to cut his nails and Houdini flipped out-hissing-biting and just totally freaking out so the vet decided to wait untill next month when he gets his booster. Untill then Im buying stock in newborn socks!

He is still on the bottle but I am working on getting him to eat wet food. He does when he feels like it. Hes very stubborn. He knows how to eat just fine although he just refuses to drink water-and Ive tried the rocks and tuna water in the dish thing and he sniffs it and walks away. Did I mention he was stubborn??

Still working on the biting and clawing. Hes gotten a bit better but still is a fesity little guy. Ive spent over $100 on cat toys and furniture-tunnels-condos-scratching posts-climbers-this big kitty playmat rocker scratch pad thingy. My house looks like Kitty Chuckie Cheese! But does he play with any of it??? NOOOOOOO...of course not! He wants to dump over the garbage in the bathroom and bat around the tissue and wrappers or climb into my shoe and chew on the laces. Or even better-climb the curtains. Thats his newest thing.

But hes just awesome. Love him to death!

So thats how Houdini is! New and better pics below!

Playing in his tunnel for once

You cant really see it but he fell asleep with his head on his toy mouse! So cute!

He thinks he's a parrot. He sits on my shoulder all night when Im on the computer!

Hes getting big!

Drinking his bottle before bed watching me play Diner Dash. LOL!
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I'm so glad he's doing well and flourishing under your love and care. He's such a cutie!! (Don't tell my girls that, though, or they'll think I'm a traitor! LOL)
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He is a cutie . I had a bottle baby that didn't wean until she was 10 weeks.
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He is so precious!!!
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What a cutiepie!
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He is such an adorable little terror! He sounds like he may need some assertive guidance, definite kitten proofing, and desensitizing! How does he except the socks? There are the water fountain/fall water dispensers, may make it more fun for him. Believe me, he will drink water when he's thirsty, he is beyond old enough. Don't think he isn't because he doesn't in front of you.
This is the age to get them use to being handled, I am shocked to hear the vet couldn't trim his claws because he freaked and became extremely defensive....... This isn't good. He is showing signs of extreme distrust, completely unaware of physical respect, and self endangerment. What if something happened where you needed to grab him (Big G forbid a fire) and he needed to trust you to pick him up and run outside. If he was trapped in a situation and needed you to get him out, anything from a tangle to a vent, and all the other things they sometimes get into. I think you mentioned scruffing doesn't work either? Well this means kitten mom would have just as much difficulty.
I know how adorable he is and how much you don't want to push him, but I think it would be best for you to really try some momma kitty practices on him and let him know he can trust you, it's ok to relax, and mom knows best. I definitely wouldn't let him climb the curtains, this may be cute now, but will not only ruin your curtains, but can very well lead to climbing peoples legs. You need to kitten proof big time, keep all garbage cans out of reach or empty. Wires, plugs, plastics, everything from twisty ties to Qtips, even change, wrappers, needles, toothpicks, all out of reach! Extremely dangerous for kittens with over active minds!
Oh yeah, and cherish every moment in between!
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What a little cutie! Glad to hear he's doing well
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What a cutie! I'm glad he is doing great
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Houdini melts my heart. What a little cutie-pie.
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Aww crap I accidentially deleted my pics off photobucket!


Ever since he has been eating wet food his biting has slowed down a ton!! Thank you so much Hissy if you are reading this!!! Hes still biting but Ive figured out that when he starts going crazy biting and attacking me he wants to either eat or needs the litterbox. Ive got my cuddly kitty back! The past day or two he has figured out how to jump/climb onto my bed (its pretty high) and his new favorite spot is my pillow.....Im just amazed at how fast he's growing!
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