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I don't know what to do with Andy...

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I keep the house really cat-friendly for the most part. No strings, no nothing that could be dangerous to a cat. But I can't say the same for my younger brother [he's 14 and I have absolutely no control of him, and at this point neither do my parents but that's a whole different story].

Andy has been doing really well on the Clavamox and just finished his Buprenorphine last night. His bathroom habits seem to be back to normal and he still has some meds left to go.

Well today he coughed like he was gonna cough up a hairball one time and I thought he was going to throw up [I heard Clavamox could make them a little queasy and this is his first day on it without the Buprenorphine]. Well he didn't and was fine afterwards.

Well... I was walking down the hall and what did I find, a chewed on used dryer sheet. I'd say probably a fourth... maybe a third of it was missing and it was damp and I know he was the one who did it because I had to take one from him a long time ago and since then they've been thrown away immediately when either myself or my mother does the laundry. Well my brother did his own this week and I know that he was careless and let it fall out of the basket or article of clothing. I picked it up immediately and threw it away and since then Andy's been acting normal.

I just borrowed $230 from my grandmother to take Andy for his UTI to the vet, I cannot CANNOT afford to take him again. My mother nearly freaked out when she found out how much it cost that day and now we owe my grandmother money that we don't have.

I have read the other posts on here about ingesting dryer sheets and hopefully he will pass it.

I am at my wits end... I do not know what to do anymore.
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Stop using dryer sheets. Hopefully your Mom will be sympathetic and let the house become dryer sheets free! Either use liquid softener or get those neat dryer ball things. You can save a ton of money also because they are reusable! Good for the environment also!

I don't remember what they are called but you can google dryer balls....they are blue. Good luck!
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Any suggestions [besides take him to the e-vet] on what to do about the dryer sheet ingestion? Luckily he didn't eat the whole thing. After he chewed off part of it he must have realized it wasn't any good and stopped.
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I can understand not being able to do anything about your brother's actions. It's easy to see how much you care about Andy's well being.

That's a good idea to not use dryer sheets. It should be cheaper using a liquid. Your mom will be proud you are being cost conscious, too.

Would it help to keep Andy in your room when you are not there to keep a watchful eye out for him? That might help. I wish you and Andy the best.
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Ive had a dog eat part of a dryer sheet and hes fine..Also I believe Im remembering correctly but Carolinalima had one of her cats eat part of a dryer sheet too and her cats are all up and about still. I think you should just keep an eye on him and watch he will either poop it out or throw it up but for the most part as long as it wasnt a whole sheet he should be fine
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So far he's been acting pretty normal. He was playing and nosing around and now he's napping. He hasn't been to the bathroom since then but he just went a little before that happened.

I called my vet office and of course no doctor was in but they said they would ask her about it when she came in in a little bit [she had to stop in for one last appointment]. The lady didn't really even know anything about it. She said she heard they could be toxic to dogs but didn't know about cats [and everything I've read said that that shouldn't be the issue but the obstruction it could cause would be the thing to watch for].

She hasn't called me back yet but for now I'm just going to keep an eye on him.

Why does my cat have to be so problemsome? Lol :[
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The vet called back and had me come get some stuff to give him which is like liquid charcoal to remedy any toxins/chemicals that could have got in the cat from the dryer sheet. She said to watch and see if he has a bowel movement and so far he hasn't but he's peed and is drinking and stuff. She said to call in the morning and tell them how he's doing cause they're gonna have a vet in there in the morning in case he's having problems.
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You might point out to your mom that there are reports of dryer sheets causing dryer fires. The fibers are so small they start to clog up and over heat in the vents. That might change her mind. It changed mine!
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