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how to I give gifts?

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It tells me I dont have enough points??
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Gifts cost about 212 points. in order for you to but a gift, sometimes you need to take points out of the bank.
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What IS a "gift"? I looked at my own profile and I have 4, but I don't know what they are , although it does list who sent them ..... To the immediate left , it lists 2 choices - visible with an eye icon and delete but has no option for me to comment back, so ... To the members who've sent me gifts
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I pasted this from the FAQ -


What is the bank? Just like a bank where you keep your money, the Bank holds your points for you. You earn a nominal interest rate on points kept in the bank. If you want to spend or donate your points you will need to transfer your points out of the bank. Click here for instructions.

What are the little icons under people's points?

Gifts are little icons that you can give to any user including yourself. Use gifts to brighten someone's day, show gratitude, congratulate someone, or just be a little silly. Click here for instructions on purchasing a gift.

Awareness ribbons can only be purchased for yourself and show your support for many causes. Click here for instructions on purchasing a ribbon.

What do gifts and ribbons cost? You can see the price of the gifts and ribbons when you select "Shop Main" from the "Shop Menu", then click on the "Misc Options" button. Note: Paying members get a discount on gifts and ribbons.

When I click on give gifts, it says the item you are trying to purchase is out of stock?? This doesn't happen often, but there is a limited amount of gifts available and sometimes everyone is giving gifts. Try again a little later and it should be restocked. Gifts are replenished about every 5 minutes.

Several very kind friends have given me gifts. I'd like to send all of them a at one time.
You can only give one gift at a time, as the shop is set to prevent "flooding". Once you give one gift, you're prevented from giving another for about two minutes. The shop sells out quickly at certain times of the day, so you may only be able to give two or three gifts during one sitting.

I've given a couple of gifts and in the message I say something like 'From Zoey & Saki'. When I'm done and go to see the gift I gave, it comes out 'From Zoey &amp ; Saki' Any idea why or how to fix that? This is a quirk of the system and probably won't be fixed due to lack of support for VBPlaza (the software for the Shop). The only way to avoid the problem is to avoid special characters like ampersands (&), question marks (?), quotes (" or ').

I only see 20 gifts appearing on a user's post. Can that number be changed? 20 is the limit and cannot be changed. You can view other gifts by looking at the user's profile.

Is there a way to see what I've given other people? Select history from the Shop Menu. You will see a listing there.

Do the gifts show up immediately or do they have to be "accepted" first? They show up right away. The recipients receive a PM to notify them of the gift.

Everyone is so nice giving me gifts but I don't have enough points to give them a gift.Most people give gifts to make you feel welcome and expect nothing in return. Instead pay it forward by giving a gift to someone new when you get enough points.
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