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RIP Lucky

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Lucky was a small black kitten that one of our volunteers rescued from her neighbors garage. His sibblings are doing well, but there was just something not right with lucky. He started having seizures almost right away. After 2 days at the e-vet it was determined that he could be taken home, but if he continued to sieze the vet would recommend putting him down. He was doing well untill about 9 PM last night. He began to sieze again. He had one fairly bad one. Then I wrapped him up quickly in a towel. Unfortunately he started to sieze again. I held him tightly in my hands as he had a massive seizer. He was crying out in pain. After it was complete, we rushed him back to the e-vet with instructions to have mercy on him. It is a memory I'd rather not have, but in the end I know we did the best for him. He knew love in his short life.

R.I.P. Lucky, you are now free to run & play like the other kitties.
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RIP Lucky

Bless the little baby
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, little Lucky.
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What a sad story. He was lucky that had you. He is ok now, so rest your hearts. It says a lot about people who take on the heart ache to help a little one. God bless Lucky and you.
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How Sad!! Rest in Peace Lucky.
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RIP sweet little black kitty!
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Poor little kitty. He was lucky to have you to look after him.
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Because of you he knew love, and because of you he was spared much suffering, so he was indeed Lucky.
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Poor angel

Play happily at the bridge Lucky

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