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Raw Diet Recommendations

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I have a 10 year old Himalayan who is looking more and more like she's developed IBD. She suffers from bouts of colitis and/or vomiting and has lost a pound over the past year (she was 8.3 pounds in her prime). She is going in to see the vet this afternoon to be examined, probably get a blood test, and to discuss dietary recommendations. She has not yet been diagnosed with anything! I've had stool samples tested four times this year, each time she came down with colitis, and they put her on antibiotics each time but no parasites have ever been found.

Anyway, my vet does sell Hill's Science Diet and I don't think I want to just throw her on ZD. Depending on my vet's advice I may try one of the limited ingredient Royal Canins to start. I feed her a mix of canned and dry -- she is a dainty eater and it's difficult to get her to eat much wet at one time without vomiting it up so she gets a little bit twice a day. She usually gets Wellness canned and has been on Royal Canin HE since her last bout of colitis in early September. I stupidly attempted to transition them to a grain free dry food and after three weeks when they started solely eating the B.G., she started vomiting. She's been throwing up every day since Sunday of this week.

I would like to start researching introducing a raw diet as I also have a year old short hair named Mose and I think he would be a prime candidate to work towards a better nutritional diet. But I don't know where to start. I'm terrified of making their food and not giving them the proper nutritional values.

What do people think of companies like Feline's Pride and Nature's Variety? Are they reputable?

Again, I am not going to leap into this without talking to my vet about it! I just want to weigh my options. Sophie is 10 years old but I don't want to give up on her yet. I feel like she still has quality of life and could live for many more years if I could only get her digestive system in order. She got sick in February due to a bag of tainted dry food and hasn't been the same since! (My first cat Max actually died -- she was hospitalized)
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1. No online advice can replace direct veterinary intervention. If you suspect that your cat may be ill, please contact your vet immediately. You are welcome to look for advice in the health forum while waiting for that appointment, but never delay proper veterinary care waiting for Internet advice. Remember that cats, and especially kittens, are very adept in keeping pain to themselves and delaying treatment may cause irreversible damage.

Have you asked your vet about raw >?? Many push Sd Rx do to a schooling deal but 90% are willing to listen ( if yours is not maybe a second opnion is in oreder )... Yes Ibd can often be helped by a different diet .. z/d included

z/d is a prescription diet and it was PRESCRIBED for you cat ..
try reading this link

There are MANY MANY willing vets to guide you ... Some even have something no one on here a NUTRITION degree ...

Yes I have done raw with several animals with chronic issues but ONLY with the Guidance of a QUALIFIED VET
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Personally I wouldn't do anything with the diet of the 10 year old until you get the results from today's vet visit. If you don't get good results working with your vet I would certainly research alternatives.

As for the younger one, I used to use both Feline Pride and Nature's Variety. They are both good quality and have good safety records. Mine preferred the Feline Pride and I feed mostly it until I started making my own.
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Oh totally Sharky and mschauer, I'm not doing ANYTHING until I talk this over with my vet, get her blood test results, etc. I was just curious about what companies out there are worth my time investigating. However, the more I read about the raw diets available online the more convinced I am that I won't be able to afford it, unfortunately.

I plan on peppering my vet with questions about the raw/canned/dry food controversy, her opinions on the matter, and what diet she would recommend for my Sophie.

Mose really likes the Wellness and Merricks canned that he's getting, and he's really good about regulating himself. He doesn't eat much of her dry kibble when he gets his canned food morning and evening. I'm going to work on reducing the fish and grains he's getting in the canned foods, too. I want to think long term with him.
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I will say what is available to you is likely going to be regional..

Natures variety is a solid company ( mine do like their products but many cats and dogs I know do )

Omas pride is one I like as you can get the 100% complete and balenced ( which has meat , bone , veggies and organs ), just meat and bones ( often called frames) , meat bone and organs ( what many on here use)

Bravo is another one like omas pride I have not used it but some on here have with good results

Your local butcher is one to talk to ... this is my personal route as I can tell you where it grew up , what it ate , the soil conditions of the food eaten , where and when the slaughter happened

primal is a solid one

Stella and chewy s has a array of products that in my house are well received

Reducing fish is not a needed item if he is not uti prone ....

try when reducing grains not to INCREASE starches by subbing in potato and pea for the more digestible rice ...
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please update us as soon as you come back... I am worried about your kitty... I also feel a second opinion might be in order, this time with a specialist...
Good luck, and don't give up on her - she is far too young
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I am delighted you're looking into a raw diet for your cats, Blitzgal, especially your older one. Putting cats with IBD issues on a natural diet has done amazing things for them. It is, in fact, one of the biggest reasons folks begin feeding raw. There are many wonderful testimonials out there from owners who have made this transition with their cats.

Commercially prepared raw, as you have discovered, is expensive. And you still have all the drawbacks with contamination, fillers, etc. that come along with mass-produced pet foods.

Frankenprey, however, has none of those drawbacks and can be done for half the price of canned (or less, in some cases!). Here is the full story of my transition to raw, and on that same site are many other articles that you might find helpful. In a couple of weeks (estimated), there will be a very detailed article covering frankenprey and whole prey diets along with general raw-feeding tips and tricks, but some of the most helpful bits of that article can be found here.

While "working" with a vet is always sound advice, we all know how little nutritional training vets actually get (and that from the Pet Food Industry ); you'll be lucky to find one even open to the idea of raw and incredibly blessed to find one who knows anything about it. That's not to say don't look, of course - but don't wait on a "knowledgeable" vet to get your kitties started on raw. A chunk of chicken, a slice of turkey, a sliver of liver make wonderful little treats!

If I can help in any way, feel free to contact me, and definitely keep asking questions here.
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I put my IBD kitty on Rad Cat raw diet not quite a year ago and he is GAINING weight! My new vet who is a cat specialist totally approves. I also use Natures Variety both raw and freeze dried for variety. Please PM for more information.
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