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Bloody Nose?

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I have been watching a movie on Hulu with the house dark this morning. Darcy was laying between my legs as usual. She had shifted positions once or twice, but I don't recall hearing her sneeze. So I turned the lamp on so I could get a drink of water and there on the cat tree is fresh, bright red blood. It was not there when I sat down this morning.

I looked for the accompanying fluids that I would expect like poo or vomit, but it is just blood (bright red, not dark red). I look at both ends of the cats and examine their paws and everywhere else I could think of and find nothing. There, on the back of my laptop, is a bright red nose smear - ok so it is Darcy's nose. I take a q-tip and gently swab each of her nostrils and come out with a little red from each one.

I have called the vet and am waiting for a response, but is a bloody nose normal from an otherwise healthy cat?
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I've had it happen in kittens and cats that run into things face first when playing and hit their noses. But with that there was some very minor swelling that went away after a few hours.
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Her nose didn't appear swollen, but on closer examination, there is a red line where the fur meets the nose.
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If the air is dry in your house - I have seen a kitty with a split nose due to the dry air.
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Both kitty noses in the house are moist. The humidity is at 65% inside.

There haven't been any problems since this morning so I am just monitoring the situation.
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