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Rita Mae Brown

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Rita May Brown was on the Diane Rehm show yesterday. She has a new book out, "Animal Magnetism," about her life with animals. A very dynamic interview, lots of fun, and you get to find out how she met the first Sneaky Pie.

You can listen to it here:
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very cool. I like her as an author.

In the early 90s I read her book about writing, called Starting from Scratch I think. I like her writing voice and her a lot from that.

I really like her Sneaky Pie series. You can tell from her work how much of an animal lover she is.
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I got 2 books of her...
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The interview with her was, to put it mildly, lively!
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I'm going to have to try to listen to that.

My kitty's named Sneaky Pie- you think I'm a fan ?

And as I said before- she needs to be re-named Pewter b/c even though she doesn't look like Pewter, she's got the weight issues and the "cattitude" of Pewter

I actually got to meet her one time, she did a book signing at the local library. It was very cool- she brought one of her Corgis to it (such a cute puppy!).

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I love Pewter! Great name too.
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I asked for her knew book for Christmas.
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