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Daily Thread TGIF Oct 23rd!

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Morning peeps!!

Welp, its Friday...thankfully. I feel like I need some sleep. Will be snoozing in tomorrow.

I think maybe hubby and I are having a date night tonight. He has been busy all week so we haven't had too much quality time.

This weekend, no plans really except watching football with some friends on Sunday...Josh's choice...I don't like football

Anyhoo, you all have a good one!
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I'll be leaving the office for the weekend in just over an hour

Bring on the weekend!!
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Morning All!!!

Well it's sunny and cold here this morning.

Nothing much planned for today, have several chores to do around the house I neglected all week because of my sore knee. It actually feels a better today so maybe I will get something accomplished.

The kitties are napping in my bed right now but are about to get rousted shortly as I want to throw my sheets in the washer.
Everyone have a great day.
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Sleep...I miss sleep...only 18 more years to go right?

DS is still sick. His cough sounds worst but happens less often. The kitties are all hiding. Molly had to go for her Depo shot last night. Looks like she will get it every other month here on out. The steroids are not working. Though she did lose one pound of the few she gained since starting her treatments.

Mom's home sick and in bed.

Looks like rain this weekend. Eventually we will find a break to pull the tomatoes. Nothing big planned for the weekend but rest.

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Miserable weather here today, but supposed to be nice Sunday so I can finish my outdoor work before the snow flies.

It's been a wonderfully relaxing week but I'm still looking forward to the weekend.
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Ugh, thank God it's Friday alright! Had a terrible day yesterday.
Today is miserable, cold and raining. The kitties are ensconced in their most comfy sleeping spots, waiting out the day. We just got back from the vet, so they're both a little miffed at me.
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Good Morning all!!

I have class in less than an hour, then off to the barn. I have a midterm later, hopefully I will do well! Im exhausted!!! I could sleep another 10 hours! I work tonight until midnight and the same on sat. night, I really hate night shifts!!!!

Have a good day everyone!
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Morning... still half asleep... I, too, am quite happy it's FRIDAY! I'm going to try to get my xrays done today during lunch I think. Otherwise it will be a busy day at the office, which is nice for a change.

Later on there's a free movie in the park by our place, they're showing Poltergeist with free popcorn. We're going to meet friends for dinner nearby and then set up our chairs at the park for the movie. Should be a nice low-key night before heading to a beerfest tomorrow!

Have a good Friday and a good weekend everyone!
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Hello All!!

Well its been raining for over 12 hours and windy too with temps in lower 40's.

Slept fairly well as I had been having hot flashes off and on through out the night for almost a week. Mercifull they have stopped for the time being.

So I finally updated my business receivables and disbursements and balance several months of bank statements!!
Then did a load of laundry, the dishes, am brineing a turkey breast, carmelized the rest of my garden tomatoes and pitched the rest which were getting pretty icky!!
Went though some of my books as I bought 20 more at the book sale yesterday so I had to make room for them and cleaned up my sewing table!!

Going to take a shower soon as DH is also off work today-we had lots of service/maintenace work done on the truck so we picked that up too.

Running some errands then heading up north to drop stuff off at my fav SIL's and maybe go out to dinner too.

A very productive day!!

The cats, well Bender mainly have been in and out of the garage many many times. They don't like the wind and the rain-silly cats.
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