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So busy!

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My grandma tells me Rob & I are the busiest 22 and 23 year olds she's ever known

Right now, I have something to do every week day. I work full time at the lab, M-F, usually about 6am-3pm on average. Then on Mondays and Wednesdays I have my pole sessions at 6:30-7:30. Tuesdays and Thursday I have math and English classes this semester at the college from 4:30-7:21. Fridays I bowl on a league at 7pm-9/10pm depending on when we get finished. Saturday is my day of cleaning the house, relaxing, read, catching up on DVR'd Maury, and doing any errands or lawn mowing, and date night. Sunday I spend with Rob.
Around Christmas I'll be off 12/24-1/4 for a much needed break!

Rob works about 12 hours a day average M-F, and most of the day on Saturday. Monday and Wednesday he has a management class from 7:30-8:51. Tuesdays and Thursdays he works until I get out of class and pick him up. Friday he also bowls league with me. Sunday is the only day he takes off for himself (and probably only because I've made it clear I wouldn't be amused with him working 7 days a week when he doesn't get paid hourly!)

Oh how I've missed TCS! I rarely ever go on the computer when I get home now, so beat! Week days I usually just want to cook dinner, sit down with Rob and watch tv while we eat, and go to bed. Sometimes on Saturdays I'll find some time online during the day, but usually would rather read a book since I don't have as much time to read lately either. At work I've barely found time to get on like I used to, even though I'm on the computer half the day! But I'm here rather early today (5:30am) and am taking a few minutes to myself.

Nero and Hoshi are doing wonderfully. Katina is a happy girl at my in-laws house (though not so sure she's going to like it when Rob's cousin brings her German Shepherd for 4 months!) The feral we've been feeding outside, Tom, is extremely lovey dovey now . My pole classes are going well, I moved up to the advanced/all stars class on Wednesday My friend and I are doing a doubles performance on November 9th (originally were going to be competing but there wasn't enough doubles girls to compete with). Rob is doing well despite working his butt off - he's currently in the process of getting things together to try and start his own business in the next year or two (even though I was very against it before, he's showing me the potential numbers. As long as he has everything in order and is sure it's 100% figured out, I of course will support his dream! )

Hope everyone has been doing well, I will try and come on more often! I've got a lot to catch up on, I'm sure.
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I know the feeling, I am trying to slow down a little and allow time for all the other stuff in my life.
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aaaaaawwwww Tara you´re soooooooooo missed here!......
Hope can we see each other here soon!...
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I know the feeling, I am trying to slow down a little and allow time for all the other stuff in my life.
Rob really needs to slow down the most. The other day he sounded kind of down, and I asked why? He has me, 2 lovey kitties, a house of our own, 7 cars ... he replied with "yeah but I don't have time to enjoy any of it."

He's a work-a-holic! Wednesday he got out of school early so he went back to work until 10:15pm.

All this constant busy-ness finally wore me down to the point where allergies (which I NEVER get) affected me bad enough to take off work and spend 3 days sick. Cant wait for a break from work and school, but it'll be this way for a LONG time (hard to get a 4 year degree quickly when you can only take 2-3 classes at a time at night!)
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