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Vibes for Whimsey - Please

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Whimsey is my beloved nine year old rescue kitty. I've had him since he was five years old. I've never known his background but he looks just like a classic American Shorthair silver tabby. From the beginning he exhibited symptoms (this is with 20/20 hindsight) of IBD. Over the four years I've had him, switching him to a raw food diet and occasional medicinal intervention kept it reasonably under control. He has always been a vomiter, not so much diarrhea. Three months ago, he had the worse episode he's ever had and stopped eating. I rushed him to the vet and after an x-ray, ultra sound, fluids, meds, etc., they concluded that he had gallstones which didn't seem to be causing problems and since he was eating again everything seemed okay.

Last week he stopped eating, starting hiding (he's usually very social cat), threw up, had diarrhea and abandoned my bed for the cool tiles of my bathroom. At that point Hissy suggested that I take him to a cat specialist which I did. That was last Friday and I was really pleased. The specialist added Pepcid, Floriflora, and Mirtazapine (appetite & anti-nausea) to his current regimen of Budesonide and Metronidole. She also gave him fluids and a B12 shot. She suggested that we treat it like IBD and see what happens. She also mentioned lymphoma, but said let's see how he responds and not go there yet. He's never had a biopsy. Well, he responded really well and brightened right up and has been fine since then, but I came home tonight to discover that he's thrown up all over my apartment and is hidding in a corner of my bookshelves in that "meat loaf" position they get in, but I can tell he's not comfortable and he's refusing food. What disturbs me is the look in his eyes. Something is wrong. The one good thing is that he's been gaining weight instead of losing it.

I'd already scheduled a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning.

I'd really welcome lot's of positive vibes from fellow TCSers. This cat is my soul mate and I can't bear the thought that he's progressed into something worse that IBD.
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oh Whimsey is absolutely beautiful... Many many for the both of you Please update us when you can
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He is beautiful! He looks a lot like my baby, Amos.

Definitely keeping him in my thoughts and prayers <3
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Oh no.... poor baby.... Do you think it is the case of taking him to the ER vet? Can you? At least to get him some nutrition and hydration.... If it all possible, I would...
many many many vibes for you beautiful boy and hugs for you
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I am sending for Whimsey. He is a beautiful cat and I sure hope and pray he will be better asap.
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Thanks to the TCS vibes, Whimsey is eating and is himself again. It looks like he got into one of the other cat's food (i.e. Magic, the only cat who refuses to eat raw) and made himself thoroughly sick and his owner a potential candidate for the insane asylum.

It is more than a little embarrussing to rush a cat on the brink of death to the vet only to find out that the cat is gaining instead of losing weight!

Many thanks to all of Whimsey's supporters!
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I'm so glad that Whimsey is doing better!!
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BEST vet trip yet!
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that Whimsey keeps doing better!
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