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expect vaccination side-effect?

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When the kitten Tigger got his first distemper shot, he was sluggish for a few days before things got back to normal.

I am taking my 2 year old Tiki to get the annaul shot today - distemper, rabee, and lukemia. I am going to ask Vet of course - but eager to know what side effects people has been seeing... Thanks!
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One of my cats (who lived 18 years) always got sick after getting her shots! She would have to spend an entire day sleeping before she felt better.

Not a single one of my many other cats have had any obvious reactions to the shots.
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My 2 little kittens, 10 weeks now, have had their first and second shots and they usually slept the whole day after they got their shots.
Griffin, my 6 month old slept like that too, he seemed a little tired or sleepy for the rest of the day and the next day he was his usual wild self again.
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Spike also is sleepy after his shots. I always feel bad he feels so poorly after them, but he's usually back to his normal self after a day or so.
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Hmm I dont think my previous cats have ever had problems with shots.

What's a distemper shot for?
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Aside from sleepiness, has anyone noticed difficulty or slow walking? My kitten just got the 2nd distamper and 1st leukemia around the neck near the front legs. When I touch the area, he sqeeks (in pain I suppose). And when he walks to his food bowl, I noitced that he drags and seems to be making extra effort to walk.

I hope the dragging is due to the needle sore and/or lethargic reaction, nothing more serious... But I am scared...
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Neo got VERY sick after he got shots once, so my vet said since he is an inside baby he doesn't have to get them anymore. my kittens have not had any reaction to the shots.
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Pricess Purr - what were Neo's symptons and what did you have to do to make him better? And how long did it take?

Sorry about all the questions. Tiki's was just fine after 3 shots (distamper, leukemia, and rabee) in one day. I didn't expect Tigger will have such a reaction with just distamper and leukemia, otherwise I would have postpone the lukemia shot.

Vet seems to think as long as there is no vomit or diarreah, he will be ok soon. But I am so stressed out over it...
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