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Halloween Adoptions

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Does your shelter close down all or black cat adoptions for Halloween?

We are debating whether to shut down all adoptions for the sake of the cats especially but dogs too thinking

- too many doors opening
- too many noises to intro the new pet


But then it is also Saturday which is our biggest adoption day. We have always let people hold pets on the 31st and pick them up later but so many people want to take their pet home then and not Sunday afternoon when they wont have time to intro.
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If people don't have patience/understanding to wait such a short amount of time, they don't seem like they would be very good pet parents anway.
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Part of the problem is that while we are a commuter town, our shelter closes at 5pm so it means waiting until the following week. Unless the animal is on medical hold we will not hold an animal that long for people as we have so many waiting to come in.

I kind of see the point of view that they want to pick up their pet saturday morning and spend the weekend helping it settle rather than going to work the next morning
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None of our cats go home the same day. So doors opening & closing is not a huge concern. We are extra careful about adoptions around Halloween, especially the black cats and kittens. We currently have a lot of black cats but not much intrest.
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We have a lot of preapproved adopters who are thinking about cats so can take them home the same day.

We have decided not to stop black cat adoptions but we are of course being extra careful about the interviews and no cats can go home on Sat without the approval of the Adoptions Manager / Director
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I do not belong to a shelter but I am against adoptions of black cats at Halloween. Too many cruel people out there that do horrible things to black kitties! I actually responded to an ad on Craigslist to consider waiting to give away a black kitty until after Halloween and she deleted the posting and e-mailed me back that she had decided to keep her!
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My friend told me today that she had read that here in England there are more black cats in animal rescue centres than other colours as they find them hard to home apparently because of people being superstitious over here.(sorry totally OT).xx
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It is the same in most countries, Ruthyb

We decided not to stop adoptions, except on the day of Halloween and even then we let 4 cats go home to people we knew would be careful, including one black one.

With a (not cheap) adoption fee people are not going to pay for a cat to torture.
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