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femoral head ostectomy

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Our newest kitty, Jupiter, just had femoral head ostectomy yesterday and came home this morning. He and his mom and siblings were strays that my sister-in-law has been feeding and before we could get them in Jupiter was hit by a van. Everyone has been caught and the 3 other kittens are at the cat rescue looking for homes and mom is in my SIL's bathroom recovering from her spay and a nasty upper respiratory infection. Of course Jupiter is with us. He also has some pelvis injury so we need to get him to walk for the hip but no jumping. Right now when we're not home he's in a greyhound sized crate so he can't over do it. But I do have some questions and hope that someone here has some experience and suggestions.

First he has an e-collar since as soon as he could hold his head up he tried to take his stitches out. They said to elevate his food so he could eat with the collar on. For now his bowls are up on some magazines and I did run by the store on the way to work and buy him a small elevated bowl. We'll try that tonight. Any other suggestions?

We are to do cold compress for 4 days and then switch to warm for another 7 days. Any suggestions for keeping him still for the 15 min (3x a day)? He's shaved so I assume wrapping the ice in a towel would help.

And last (for now) he's on 2 pain meds for 3 days and then down to one (and antibiotics) so I know he'll be unsteady not to mention he just had hip surgery. How long before he's more steady and not so "drunk" This is the first cat we've had that has had anything more extensive them spay/neuter so it's all new to us.
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Oh, that poor kitty! I don't have any advice, unfortunately. Just keep up what you're doing for this little guy!
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I had a cat many years ago now that was run over. She had a fractured hip & was to have cage rest for 6 weeks. It's been quite a while since you posted, how's he going now?
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There aren't too many cats that will stay still that long for a cold compress! While it will help, if you can't do it it's likely not a big deal.

Cats heal extremely well from orthopedic procedures, especially a FHO.

Hope all goes well!
Dr. Marie.
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