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Using bleach

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Folks - have opinion/experience on this one?

I regularly use lemon scented bleach in my bed linens and clothes. I also use in cleaning bathroom floor and surfaces.

I read many places that cats hate the smell of bleach and will pee/spray on bed linings or clothing to eliminate the smell.

Is this true for many cats? Will the lemon scent clorox disguise smell to the cat?

I can really use some advice on this one. I live in a studio so I cannot just close the door and keep kitty out of room where clothing or bed linens are.
I also cannot stop using bleach when cleaning ....

Any hope?
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I personally use just regular old bleach to clean my whites and to mop my white linoleum floors. Ive NEVER had a problem with my cats peeing on anything with bleach on it or anything like that.
**Take a moment a breath though...your starting to remind me of my brother..he is getting ready to have a baby in a 2 weeks he is freaking out about every little thing that could happen (not meant to sound nasty or rude just trying to lighten your stresses)..Just breath relax and get ready to enjoy everything about adopting your kitty. They are like kids fun exciting nerve racking tiring but no matter what will love you unconditionally!! Everything will be ok when you get your kitty and I do commend you on the fact that you are worrying about what could happen. It just shows your a caring and compassionate person and trying to do best by your new kitten**
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Well, I do know that lots of cats hate the smell of citrus fruits. I've used regular bleach for years and my cats actually love the smell. They will sniff the floors in the bathroom and rub up against the tub and "waller" anything that smells of bleach. They like it better than catnip. I just make sure that everything is dry before they come in contact with it.
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I have had problems with using bleach in the past. I used to use lemon or lavender scented bleach for all my cleaning, and the cats used to pee everywhere, so I used more bleach, so the cats ... you get the idea. I was beside myself. Then someone told me they were doing it BECAUSE of the bleach, and I stopped. I switched to an ecological bleach-free cleaner with disinfectant, and within a week all peeing stopped. But the house still smelt clean, and in fact was much cleaner. Now I only use bleach in the washing machine for my whites when necessary - never on the floors or countertops or sinks. And I get congratulations because my house smells fresh and never of cats.
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I've never had problems with it. BUT I only use it on hard surfaces that get rinsed afterwards and on some laundry - not on everything. The cats don't seem to notice or care, other than the fact that I shut them in the bedroom when I mop (linoleum gets bleach, wood gets murphy's oil soap - both are bad for cats).

I carry C.diff. After the trouble a bad overgrowth of that caused me I do not want anyone or cat in my home getting this from me. Bleach is the only non industrial cleaner that will take care of bacteria that form resistant endospores. Look it up, no natural or other disinfectants work - if the products claim otherwise it is a lie.
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I use it occasionally to mop the floor (making sure to keep all pets off until the floor is completely dry) and my cat has never had an issue with it. In fact, he's a weird one - he LOVES bleach and will always try to sneak into the kitchen when I'm mopping. The couple of times that he succeeded, he went on to roll himself on the floor...he is weird.
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I have a friend who's boy will spray everywhere if bleach is used.

I don't use chemicals in my home, so no idea how my cats would react.
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Hey, thanks all for input! It appears that there isn't one "typical" reaction to bleach for cats.

Jennyranson: This got me thinking What kind/brand of ecological cleaner with disinfectant do you use now? I hope I can get in USA. It sounds like great product!

Well, it seems lemon scentd bleach (as opposed to plain bleach) may not be a good idea to keep using ...

Slightly different subject: I just realized. I use countertop disenfectants like Windex Multisurface. I do not know if it has ammonia but isn't that bad for kitty?

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I use Windex multi surface too. Mostly because its the one cleaner that I can use on EVERYTHING! I have no problems with it but then again my cats dont really mess with me when Im cleaning because me + cleaning = vacumn cleaner which in turn = the devil!!!
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Be sure also not to use any Lysol products as it is toxic to kitty!

Mine don't seem to care one way or the other about bleach, but every cat is different
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