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Anyone use it? Saw it at the local co-op yesterday and was intrigued. If one does use it, what meats do you mix it with? It just recommends raw or lightly cooked "meat." Does that mean just like ground beef or chicken, or would that include things like liver and other organ meat?

I do plan on reading through all the threads here, but I noticed this particular mix was only mentioned once that I could find via search.
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oats ,rye, barley ,wheat and corn in ONE formula ... not what I would feed a cat ... they help bind dry food together but kitty does not need them

If you want to look at raw and homemade diets talk with your vet after much research

they are talking about muscle meat
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Looking at the ingredients ... Yuck!

I wouldn't use it.
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Thanks for the feedback. I've only been to the vet once with Squeaky, right after we adopted her. Not sure what his idea is re: food. Maybe I'll look up a more holistic vet in the area when it's time for the checkup in december.
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Cats don't need that much (very little) grains, so I would not use it to mix my own.
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