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My sweet Blue boys..

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Tsar Ivan & Tsar Yuri, my 6 1/2 year old Russian Blue brothers.
They were definitely 'ready for their close-ups' the other day!

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Wow! Look at those GREEN eyes!!! Bautiful pics Lucia, you should enter one at the photo contest on!
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the funniest thing is that in several of the photos I took (probably about 25) they are glancing off in the distance like in the top photo. They really look like they are posing: hah! They were glaring at their sisfur Sasha,who had just climbed on top of their condo. My 4 boys are all jealous of her.

I'm glad that you like them. I have a lot of photos of Ivan with his eyes open and that vibrant green colour, but not very many of Yuri that way, for some unknown reason. I was very happy to get them together that way.

Here's another lol..

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What lovely kitties!
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What handsome guys. Their eyes are beautiful.
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What handsome, handsome guys!!!

They do look like they're posing! I could never get a shot like this of Coal, my Russian Blue, as he is always sulking or pouting. I swear, if he had a human voice, he would sound like Walter Matthau: a Grumpy Old Man! (Coal is 12)
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Excellent pictures. I agree, you should enter them in a contest. Your kitties are BEE-U-T-FUL!

Tammie, Slave to Peaches.
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WOW, what handsome looking guys, and your right they were ready for there close ups great pics. thanks for sharing them
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Those are two beautiful kitties. Thank you for sharing the pics.
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You should also enter them in Pretty Kitty Contest- they definitely are Pretty Kitties! Beautiful!
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Oh my God! They're gorgeous! This is the first time I've seen a cat that wasn't orange that I absolutely fell in love with on sight! I mean I love all cats, but these guys are enough to make me search out Blues in addition to my Oranges. They are so handsome and sleek.....I could go on and on.....
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Those pictures are fantastic. The eye color is incredible. Beautiful kitties!
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Wow - they are stunning! What beautiful models they are!
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I adore their green green eyes and their little grey noses! Russian Blues are so stunning! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos
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Russian Blue's have become one of my favorite breeds, and pictures like those are the reason why! Gorgeous!!!
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Oh my god I think I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW do you get their green eyes to show so beautifully on film?? Zoey's eyes always end up looking yellow
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They are just stunning! What great quality pics too.
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Woooohooo BEAUTIFUL HANDSOME boys. I looove Russian Blue, and have been trying to convince my s/o to let me have just one more cat so I can get one! So far the convincing isn't working
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wow what pretty kitties!!!!
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Thanks so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed them. I'm very happy to have some photos of them together like this, since they are so close to each other.

Sicycat, I cannot tell you why it is that Ivan's eyes almost always come out as green as they are. It may just be the lighting in the room and the camera settings. Yuri is usually squinting somewhat so I don't get wide eyed shots of him as often.Ivan has big eyes and they are always wide open when he is awake.
As I always tell him, while I'm sure there are some cats
as handsome as Ivan, I've never seen one more handsome.

That is a totally unbiased point of view
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What beauties you have there!!!!
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