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Daily Question: Thurs. Oct.22

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Do you find that when you get sick, you are sicker than say 10yrs ago?
How bout length of illness, do you find it lasts longer or about the same?
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I don't get sick as often and it lasts about the same when I do. I used to get sinusitis from August-Thanksgiving(nov) but now I might get it once.
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If you mean sick as in from a virus - I actually seem to tolerate that better in the last couple years. 10 years ago I'd get sick and stay that way for 1-3 months. It's been around 9 years since I had flu turn into pneumonia, and around 10 years since the gallbladder/digestive issues started.

I find that any sort of stress makes its it more difficult for me to get better, or is what makes me sick in the first place. 10 years ago I was going through hell in HS and had to deal with my father.

One difference is 10 years ago I was still a minor and not allowed to seek medical care. Now when I get a bad virus I can get treatment before the bacterial infection that follows really sets in too badly.
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It does seem harder to fight things off the older I get, although I don't get sick as often as I did when I was younger. Perhaps it's because I understand how to prevent things in the first place. Years ago I used to get sinus infections at least once a year. When I start feeling the sinuses going haywire now, I start on decongestants and it never evolves to a full infection. Knock on wood, I haven't had a sinus infection for about 10 years now.
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3 years ago I got a stomach infection... I was off around 10 days at home...was really so serious....thanks to God nothing after this......just sometimes a bit of flu but nothing cronic,....
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Well, yes and no. 10 years ago i was in my freshman year of college and was still getting sick kind of a lot. I missed a bunch of school in high school from strep throat and other crap. Then I didn't get sick much at all, until 2.5 years ago when I moved to California. Better weather, more germs? I don't know, in my first year alone I got 3 really bad colds, more than I had in the last 5 years. I think I'm starting to adjust to the climate/air/whatever now, but of course my problem these days isn't germs, it's my own gosh darn body.. but that's another story..
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I don't get sick. I built up my immunity as a child by eating things off the ground. (I wish I was kidding)

Honestly though, I never get the flu, or colds. I did get a strange virus a year ago where I was down for the count for 3 days. Sickest I've been in my life, and it wasn't really that bad.
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I never got sick as a child. I was healthy as could be. I got jealous because I had a sibling who always got to stay home from school, who spent the whole childhood with colds, flu's, strep throat, allergies, breathing problems, etc. So my mom, being an awesome mom, let me stay home from school just for fun
I rarely get sick even as an adult. Don't seem to catch things that "stick" with me for long.
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I usually get a form of strep at least once a year. Since i've been training and running half and full marathons, I have either gotten a cold or strep while in the tapering period. I'm hoping I don't have a repeat of strep in December when my next full will be.

Head colds can happen here and there; if they are really bad then I stay home from work. I take public transit train to work so I always use hand sanitizer; except when H1N1 first broke out, I drove.
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I get more colds now. But I got serious stuff as a teen. Like DarkMavis, I constantly got strep throat, laryngitis, etc... at least once a year. I grew up in California, and I think mold and mildew have something to do with it. I also had a ton of allergies there. For example, I was tested in my early 20's for allergies, found out I was highly allergic to eucalyptus... guess what trees I grew up surrounded by?

In Portland, there is still a fair amount of mold and mildew, it's wet up here a lot, so that's expected... I get colds... but I've been doing pretty good. I just need to be careful around sidewalks... they jump up and make me trip.

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I don't think that I get sick any more often.

But now that I am older I think that I notice it more. And it's more of an inconvenience that it used to be.
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I find over the past couple years, that I am getting sicker for longer periods of time. Example: I caught something last Friday, its been near a week and I'm just starting to feel normal again.

Whether that is because of:

- age
- current health issues
- viruses becoming stronger

I can't say.... I think a combo.
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Mostly your health issues, you're certainly not old.
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I dont get sick very often, probably less than I did when I was a kid (10 years ago I was 12). I find on the rare instances that I DO get sick, its milder than when I was younger, too.
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