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Hello my cat is still mean, always in this order, a big hissss, with a bite & then scratches. She will be 1 in November. At times I am afraid of her. I got her as a 6 week old kitten in the parking lot of Target 2 weeks before christmas, yes she is fixed & has had all of her shots. She was a needy kitten but as time goes by she is just mean. We are always kind to her & loving, but how long will this last?? I do tell her NO & sometimes she will stop & other times no. Thanks, Me & Kitty-rear-us.
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She doesn't sound mean, she sounds scared. She has her defenses up. How is it for her in your home? Do you have a dog or other cats? Do you live in downtown area or are you more secluded? Is there perhaps a noise or smell that might be unsettling to her? Six weeks old is when someone should be separating kitten from teat, not separating kitten from mom permanently. Do you play with her interactively with a toy to run some of her nervous energy off? Does she have the run of the house or is she confined to one room? I'm about three hours away from Portland, otherwise I would run over and see what I could do to help you. You say she bites, is it a hard bite, or a gentle one? Are you perhaps picking her up and making her sit on your lap when she starts going to war witih you? If so, then just work with her while she is on the ground and be sure that you don't directly stare into her eyes as this is an invitation to battle in the cat world.
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Kitty-Rare-us runs the house. We have to scotties & she is the only cat. She loves the dogs & at times thinks she may be one to. The dogs are very good with her. They will even sleep togehter. We live in the city of Portland, in a rather quiet area. No noise or smell that I know of, she has her own bed that she seems to enjoy. And her own tree in the back yard. I wanted a indoor cat but my husband thought she needs the outdoors as well. Most of the time she comes when called even outdoors, I have never known her to wonder off from the yard. And yes we play with her. She has toys, even paper bags, & things to chase. Her bite draws blood as well as her scratchs. We can hardley ever pick her up for fear, of the hissss, bite, scratch. She will come to you but its hard for us to come to her. She will come a nite when I am on the computer & want to lay across my chest, then out of no where she will start. I tell her NO, some times it works & most often I get nailed. So when she comes to me for chest time, I turn my back on her so she can't craw on me. And another thing she never purrs. When she was younger she did. I am in Scottish Terrier Rescue, I know lots about dogs, but not as much with cats, other then we always had cats at home as a girl growing up. She also has one other odd habit, that I have not broke as of yet, she crys for you to be with her when she eats. So we will sit with her talking to her, & at this time & only at this tiem will she let you pet her. She acts almost wild at times. But how could she be I raised her from 6 weeks. Thank you for your info.
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