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The crew

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Please excuse the bad cell pic, still having laptop/cam issues and this is the first time they've ever been together mellow enough for me to get a pic, I didn't even need a treat to get their attention, LOL!

Sasha-5 yr old American Pit Bull Terrier

Rosalie-12 week old DSH (or med hair, lol)

Scarlett-1 yr old Miniature Bull Terrier

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Awww, they look so content and sweet together!
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Aw, Rosalie is so cute with her two big bodyguards on either side of her! Heh. Great fur-family you have!
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She looks like she is saying, go ahead pick on me, but remember these two are my siblings.
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Wonderful trio, the girls looks very sweet together.
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Very cute!!!
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awww adorable
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What a gorgeous fur family!!!!
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Very cute picture!!
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