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Emergency list

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Just an idea...I was wondering if maybe we could have a list of people somewhere with everyone's home addresses incase if a natural disaster strikes in our areas....Shells post about the tornado made me think, and I think if we all know how to get a hold of each other by phone, hopefully this would be a good way to keep up with everyone's well being...I care about all of you here and would like to know what is going on on your side of the world...does this sound like a good idea for everyone?
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I think it's a good idea, but some people would be leary about it. I only give out my number to specific people...there are so weirdos out there, ya know.
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I have Shell's number, but if a tornado had hit, I wouldn't have been able to get through to her anyway.
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My phone number is on my web site! Feel free to call! Calls are free on the week end on my cell just change the prefix to 412 instead of 722!
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Kathy, I just Pm'd you!
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I think maybe Anne, Hissy and the mods could pick a member or two from each geographic region and give them access to a list of who's in their region (User name, real name and email). Would this work?

I swear, I'm not trying to make more work for anyone! LOL
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I understand that some people wouldnt want their info out in the public,but like Shell did for me,,she privately sent me her info, and I sent her mine...maybe someone in my areas would be able to get in touch with the other person and let everyone know what is going on..I am sure with the news and all, everyone would know anyway..I just thought it would a good way to keep everyone in touch with each other....
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It would be interesting, I think, to have an emergency contact list that people could sign up for, if there are people who would like to take the time to coordinate it. However, it should be completely optional, I don't think that any names or personal information not available on the "public" side of the board should ever be given out to anybody else without their explicit permission. I sure would be upset if someone called me and said that they had been given my phone number by the owner of a bulletin board like this.
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