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New family member!

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I posted a while back that we were trying to adopt a greyhound. Well, about a month ago we brought our new boy Shadow home! He is 6 years old and SO sweet! The cats are still a little unsure of him, but he doesn't bother them, and everyone seems to be co-existing without any issues.

I've attached some pics.
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Congratulations! He is soooooo beautiful.

One problem--no, two, actually! The pictures need to be larger and we need MORE MORE MORE!!!!
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Thanks! I know...any tips on posting photos? I seem to be challenged in that area
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Get a photobucket account. Load the photos there, and then copy to here! And do it quick!



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Aww.. he's adorable. You're so lucky. ^_^ He makes me miss my doggy who passed away last August.
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Oh my! The "greys" are ALL ABOUT comfort, aren't they? My Cleo would wear old sweatshirts with the sleeves shortened and of course loved a good blanket. I'd also use a bed wamer in the winter which she greatly appreciated.

I hope you get to have many years of joy with your Shadow-boy. My Cleo lived to just a few weeks shy of 13, which the vets considered amazing for a retired racer.


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