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None of my cats are rescued , They have all been bred by cat breeders.

Yogi. Got him from Christchurch. Brought him from the Taniver Cattery.

l.e may. Got her from Queensland , Austrlia . Brought from the Malita cattery.

Loonie. Got her from Tasmania, Australia. Brought from the Sybank cattery.

Elmo. Son of Loonie. Born in my bedroom.

Boy. Brought from Invercargill. From the Skiffie cattery.

Holly,Sophie & Muffin . Brought from 2 roads away(Nana's). From the Grafton cattery

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I found Homer my very first week in Tennessee when he was about one day old! Someone had tied him and his brothers up in a plastic grocery bag and thrown them in the dumpster to die. A friend and I heard them and got them out. When I put my hand in the bag the poor little guys were so hungry they started sucking on my fingers. Homer was the black and white one and tried to climb up my arm and I thought, "I can't let this little one die", so I said "I'll take this one" . And my friend took another one. We walked around found other people in the dept. to take the rest.

I fed him out of a bottle with one of those infant animal formulas every 3 hours for about 4 weeks (didn't get much sleep that month!).
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This has been one of my favorite threads. I love reading the stories of how these fur babies were found and adopted. Thank goodness for Homer that you found him in that dumpster. Can you imagine, just leaving lives to die like that? Again, thanks for all your stories.
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Loki came to me thru the Bengal Cat Rescue and is the best thing I ever did!!
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I got Galileo from the Heaven's Gate Cat rescue shelter at the PetSmart at Arundel Mills in MD Easter Sat 2003. I went there to look at another cat and played with Leo and said I'll take him! He walked right into my car crate and my life has never been the same since.
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