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Anyone have horses? I have a Paint mare named Beautiful. We show in the local hunters.
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Two Standardbreds, both retired from the track and doing nothing at all.
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No horses here - just four cats who have reached minimum of Championship status, one young cat looking to go for her championship, one domestic shorthair and of course one mad dog.

I love horses though.
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I have a Thoroughbred mare. We do English pleasure and Hunter/Jumpers.
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I have three Shetland ponies, a mare Maisie and her two offspring, Tartine and Tiffin. They are just pets as I rescued them from an abusive owner. I couldn't get near Maisie and Tartine for the first six months, but Tiffin was born here and thinks I am a special kind of Mom, so he follows me round wherever I go. My summer cottage renters think they are wonderful.
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I've got a paint mare
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Yes, we have 4 Thoroughbreds, one a brood mare, one filly racing right now, and 2 not yet in training.
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I did own a Welsh/QH cross - lovely gelding - bay with black points. And loved to jump too I named him Count de Cocoa.
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I had horses when I was much younger and then a couple of years ago rescued a very spoiled mini stallion. I spent a year and a half working with him all the time wondering where this horrid rash that would never leave had come from only to discover I was allergic to him.

I later heard from a woman who works in my Vet's clinic that she had the same thing happen only with cows. Bizzarre, but now the little guy has a home with my parents and two more minis, so it worked out okay for him.
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