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Small Dog Sleeping Bag (FREE!)

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Not kidding, on either someone actually making a sleeping bag for your pooch, or that it's FREE.

The picture of the beagle in his little sleeping bag is worth the click alone, even if you don't want it.
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No way would a full size beagle fit into that sleeping bag! Did you see the interior dimensions on that bed? It is really cute.

Now a cat would LOVE that bed. And I know just the person who could figure out how to make it!
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Thanks for the information. I ordered mine today. I figure my Sil's little dog might like it.
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Really, there's NO catch? Like them selling your info?
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Im checking this out because if its free and there is no catch to it I want one for Franklin. He has 3 blankets and a doggie pillow that he sleeps on but he loves loves loves to be under the covers buried at night. A sleeping bag would be PERFECT for my little weiner doggie!!!! I just hope there isnt like a 30 dollar shipping and handling fee and all that jazz!! That would bite the big one!
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of course there is a catch - junk mail!!
that's why you should have a different junk email address for this type of stuff.... I never give my address.... but never pass a deal .
I ordered mine
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That is a cute idea. My kitties would love it. Since I can sew I think I'll skip the junk mail and make one.
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At least it just asks for your email and not your phone number. There are spam filters for email, and at least it doesn't cost anything but maybe a couple seconds to hit delete.

But yeah, I wouldn't give my primary email addy either.
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What a cool website with great prices
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I signed up for this offer a few months ago and it has not come yet.
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Originally Posted by Sumaii View Post
I signed up for this offer a few months ago and it has not come yet.
Oh I hope they are just back-ordered and will fulfill the requests soon!
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I ordered one of these back in August for the ferrets, but it hasn't arrived yet.
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mine said apprx delv in 8-12 weeks so maybe their just at the later end
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