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A happy adoption story.

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Since rescue & shelter work can be so difficult I wanted to share a happy story today.

Almost 5 years ago, 2 boxes were left at the shelter door. Inside were 2 female kitties, Holly & Ivy (it was Christmas time). Ivy also had 3 kittens with her. Ivy & her babies were quickly adopted, but Holly she was special. Holly is beautiful long hair gray kitty, but her eyes were what made her special. She is very cross eyed. Due to this, Holly can get a bit snippy when startled. We tried to have Holly in the general population room, but kids always wanted to pet her. She scratched a fair number of kids & had to be moved to the special needs room. Holly also made a couple of trips to eye specialists to see if anything could be done about her eyes. Unfortunatley, nothing could be done for her eyes. Those of us who worked with her all the time love those crossed eyes. They just made her extra special. Holly is very sweet when she wants to be, but if you scare her she attatcks. Fast forward almost 5 years of Holly living in a cage, now estimated to be 10 years old. A new volunteer started at the shelter about a month ago. She had recently lost one of her cats & has one with a tumor in her jaw. She took to Holly right away & when she talked to her husband he agreed that no animal should live in a cage for 5 years. So, I had the wonderful pleasure of delivering her to her new home on Monday. I was a little worried as they have 2 other cats & 2 dogs, but believe she deserved a chance. Well today I got one of the best text messages I've had in a long time. Holly is already sleeping in bed with her new people. It's awsome!!
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That story made my otherwise blah day! Thanks.
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Thank you so much for sharing Holly's story. I'm so happy for her and her new people. It's happy endings like this that make all the frustrations of rescue worthwhile.
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I am tearing up right now. That is so sweet! I am so happy for her! I am amazed at her resilience, not have any adverse affects from being in a cage for that long. May she have many, many wonderful years in her new home!
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That is a great story and it made me get tears in my eyes.
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Shouldn't have read that in the office. I now have a goofy grin and teary eyes. But that's OK. I'm happy for Holly and her new family.
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I am ready to cry also. I am so happy for Holly, she must be so happy too.
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That is great to read, we had a cat similar to Holly, very cross eyed and would scare easily and I was surprised when as soon as he went on the website we had a lot of interest in him but he so easily could have sat in a cage for ages with the other not so nice cats
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